Italian Horse Charm Bracelets

Italian charm bracelets are available in a wide variety of designs. Find out about the most popular kind of Italian charm; the Italian horse charm bracelets in our information guide that gives you the facts you want to know.

The world of fashion accessories was shaken from its very foundations with the discovery of Italian charm bracelets. These bracelets that originated in the land of the world champions of soccer managed to cause ripples in the fashion accessories industry all over the world. What made these bracelets so unique? It’s true that the concept of a bracelet is not a new one but the Italian charms were something way out of the norm. This is because they were nothing like the traditionally worn bracelets that have been available on the market for years. Italian charms are constructed using flat stainless steel links that are connected together and placed upon a stretchy band that acts as the bracelets. This does not let the bracelet dangle like the normal ones that we see, rather it makes it strap on to the wrist like a fitted wrist watch.

Although this is one of the strikingly different features of the Italian charms there is more to them than you can imagine. The Italian charms are construed in such a way that each modular link can be interchanged. For this reason the manufacturers of these charm bracelets have designed many different kinds of charm links that gives the customer a wide variety of choice. The wearer can then choose different charm links and compose the design of his bracelet himself. This gives the bracelet a sense of individual expression which is why they are so valued amongst the fashion freaks. The charm links are available in a wide variety of designs, logos, pictures and even custom made designs.

The charm of the horse

Amongst the different kinds of thematic charm links that have been made available for the public there are the Italian horse charm bracelets. Charm links with a design incorporating horses in them have gained considerable popularity over the years. You will be able to find bracelets that have horse charm links all around on them which would make them an Italian horse charm bracelet or you can by them individually to make your own composition. The horse designs are soldered upon the flat links in different ways. They may incorporate a relief art work of galloping horses, pictures of beautiful horses or logos and abstracted designs. They are available in black and all sorts of colors including life like photographs.

Italian horse charm bracelets are not only ideal for the horse lovers rather they have a wide ranged appeal that encompasses both genders and people of all ages. This is because you don’t have to be a certain age or a certain someone to love horses. They are beautiful creations that have a majestic feel to them hence horse charm bracelets may be enjoyed by children as well as the more mature adults. This is what makes them amongst some of the best selling charm bracelets originating from Italy. People often incorporate horse charm links with other kinds of designs to give their bracelets a unique touch.

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