French Provincial Furniture

Do you want to bring a rustic look to your home with French Provincial furniture? Are you interested in learning about how historic French Provincial furniture can fit into a modern home? Read our guide for more facts and information…

French Provincial furniture has a simple style that reflects the countryside it was produced in. The style of the furniture was a simplification of the more elaborate styles found in the Royal court as well as in the metropolis of Paris. French Provincial furniture simplified the intricacy of the Parisian designs. This allowed residents of the countryside to participate in the stylistic trends of the period without losing the individuality of their region.

The French Provincial style created furniture from local woods including oak, beech, walnut and a variety of fruit trees. The furniture was also rustic as when completed it was less polished. This was because the furniture was primarily intended for a more functional purpose in the local farmhouses and villages as opposed to decorative. Despite the fact that French Provincial furniture was intended for local use the style gained popularity and has maintained it to today.

Traditional Look

French Provincial furniture was developed in 17th and 18th century France and whether the piece is an authentic antique or a reproduction they maintain a rustic and countryside feel. The pieces produced in this style were often distinct to regions in France such as Normandy or Provence.

The regions would distinguish themselves from each other through carvings or symbols. Although each town or city was likely inspired by the style in Paris, French provincial furniture focused on retaining individuality from the capital.

Many of the antique pieces that exist today remain in the original wood; however, some of the pieces have been painted or stained. As the traditional look of French provincial furniture has risen many authentic pieces have also been rising in price leading consumers to turn to reproductions to obtain this classic design.

Today’s Home

Today due to the rising cost of antique pieces reproductions have gained popularity; however, there is not universal praise for the new creations. According to some critics the reproduced pieces do not look authentic as they fail to capture the rustic feel of true antiques. Although, many critics may not like the reproductions most consumers are happy with the look and see no difference between an antique and a reproduction, other than cost.

No matter what century your French provincial furniture was made in it is recommended to mix and match the pieces in a room, as the French provincial style can be overpowering if used uniformly. Today, it is popular to mix the old with the new as contemporary art or furniture is beautifully mixed with historic French provincial pieces. The French provincial style although over 3 centuries old has maintained its popularity and use to this day.

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