Italian Ice Cream Cake

Want to learn how to make that famous Italian ice cream cake? Find out where the tradition comes from and how you can make your own version of the ice cream cake at home.

The country that brings you the best soccer team in the world also brings you some of the most wonderful food and dessert items that you have ever seen. The Italian cuisine is a formidable one with its vastness and diversity. With the improvements in means of mass communication the Italian cuisine has taken the world by storm. Especially popular are the many different kinds of Italian dessert items. Italy is believed to be responsible for introducing ice cream and many of the ice cream related desserts to the rest of Europe. Amongst the wonderful desserts that the Italians made out of ice cream and has gotten the rest of the world hooked upon is the delicious Italian ice cream cake.

The origins

Before heading on to describe what it takes to make this cake there is an important thing to uncover. How come Italians introduced the Europeans to ice cream? Who introduced the Italians to ice cream? This is a question much debated upon as some believe that it was Marco Polo who brought back ice cream from China. What we do know for sure is that the famous Italian ice known as granita locally was actually inspired by the Arabs. The Arabs used to make slush like drink called sharbat with mountain snow and fruits. From there the Italians caught the idea of making their sorbettos and then followed the traditional milky ice cream that we see world wide.

The making

Now that we know the history of the Italian ice cream cake lets get down to the break up of the recipe. It takes some pouring, stirring, chopping, arranging, topping and frosting to make the Italian ice cream cake. You will start off by mixing some fudge topping with whipped topping to make the first basic mixture. Then you will chop the cookies that you will use in your ice cream cake. The best cookies to go for are Oreo cookies. You just need to roughly break them and mix them into the pudding mixture.

The next step is to arrange the ice cream sandwiches. You will do this on top of a large piece of foil and add half of the mixture while repeating the layers. Now you should top the pudding mixture with the other ice cream sandwiches. When you slice through the cake you will find them to produce a neat striped effect. Now you can use whipped cream to frost the top and the sides. It doesn’t matter if the frosting is done casually. The last thing to do is bring the foil up on the sides and double fold the top while letting the ends loose in order to seal the packet. Now all you have to do is freeze the cake for about four hours till it becomes perfect and then you can serve it at room temperature. The best thing about the Italian ice cream cake is that it looks just as good as it tastes.

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