Loire Valley France Apartments for Sale

Looking for apartments for sale in the Loire Valley? Want to know about apartment prices & estate agents in the Loire Valley? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Nowadays, in many areas of France and Spain, but most particularly in the Loire Valley, there are many villages and towns with a percentage of English residents. The beauty of this region, its accessibility and the favorable property prices have enticed many English people to buy a retirement or holiday home there.

Real Estate for Sale in Loire Valley

In the Loire Valley there are not only apartments for sale, chateaux, manor houses and small domains are up for sale too. A large proportion of them have been bought up and transformed into guesthouses or bed & breakfasts by English people trying to build a new life. Any search on the Internet into Loire Valley properties for sale will come up with a score of apartments and houses available. The prices are not excessive either, comparatively speaking.

Loire Valley Apartment Prices

A two bedroom apartment in the Loire Valley can be purchased from as little as €115,000 and a house from €205,000. Although that is still a large sum to pay out all at once, thanks to the European Union it is now relatively easy to get a mortgage on an overseas property and the savings in holiday hotel and restaurant costs can quickly offset the expenditure on the property making it an attractive investment. If you are considering the possibility of buying an overseas property it may be worth your while to look at apartments and houses for sale in the Loire Valley, France.

Property in Loire Valley France

Known as the Garden of France and the Cradle of the French Language, this fertile valley has attracted people to live there since the dawn of mankind. The famous Chateaux of the Loire date back to the 9th Century when it first came to the notice of the Nobility of France. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean has attracted commerce leading to the building of important ports and shipyards. The beauty of the area has enticed people to settle there and build castles and fortresses, manor houses and villages thus creating an area of cultural, historical and archaeological importance. The fertility of the valley has encouraged the growth of vineyards and the production of cheese and other agricultural products, the forests and lakes a source for the game and fish that have given this area a reputation second to none for the local gastronomy. On the introduction of the European Union the attractiveness of this region did not escape the eyes of the other fellow Europeans and in the Loire Valley, France, “Apartments for sale” notices soon began to proliferate as with elsewhere in France and Spain.

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