Italian Lake Guide: The Lakes of Lazio

Are you going on holiday to Lazio in Italy? Do you want to visit the famous lakes in Lazio? Our guide to the lakes in Lazio gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Lazio is region of Italy located in the centre west of the country and is home to Italy’s capital city of Rome. Apart from Rome, the region of Lazio is mainly rural with long bounds of green hilly countryside in the north of Lazio, and more barren landscapes in the south. Among the natural highlights of Lazio are the quite large lakes in the region. With clear water and beautiful surrounding countryside, the lakes of Lazio are an idyllic vacation spot and a perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of Rome. The lakes in Lazio are particularly popular with local Italians who come here to swim and sunbathe in the summer as an alternative to the crowded beaches on Lazio’s beaches. Below we’ve provided information on two of the most popular lakes in Lazio.

Lake Bolsena in Lazio

Lake Bolsena is situated in the Viterbo province in the far north of the Lazio region in Italy, about 130km from Rome. Lake Bolsena has an area of approximately 100 square kilometres making it the largest lake in the region of Lazio as well as all of Italy.  Like all lakes in Lazio, the quality of water is extremely clean and almost clear.  Situated around Lake Bolsena in Lazio is the medieval town of Bolsena which is still alive and functioning today and has kept much of its medieval charm. Lake Bolsena has a particularly good range of accommodation options for a lake in Lazio, with dozens of small hotels and a campsite near the shores of the lake. Aside from enjoying the fresh air and idyllic countryside, you could try to make your trip to Lake Bolsena coincide with the annual festival of Corpus Domini. This Italian festival is celebrated locally and commemorates a miracle that occurred in the region during the 13th century.  Today, the festival at Lake Bolsena is celebrated by a religious procession that makes its way through the town of Bolsena.

Lake Bracciano in Lazio

Lake Bracciano is the second largest lake in Lazio with a surface area of about 40 square kilometres and a maximum depth of about 165 metres at the lake’s centre.  Lake Bracciano is situated about 40 km north west of Rome and is easily accessible by car or train. The water at Lake Bracciano is so clean that it is the major source of drinking water for the capital city of Rome. There are three small towns situated around the lake including the town of Bracciano itself. The countryside surrounding Lake Bracciano is dominated by agricultural plantations including olive groves and orange fields. The architectural and historical highlight of a trip to Lake Bracciano in Lazio is the 15h century Orsini Castle built by the noble family of the same name.

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