Camping Trips in Spain

Interested in camping trips in Spain? Read on for facts and info on escorted camping trips to Spain…

A camping trip is one of the best ways to explore the diverse natural topography of Spain. You also get to do a whole lot of sightseeing on one of these trips making it an ideal way to explore the region. As it is, Spain is known for its amazing beaches and deep blue seas along with many hidden places of unspoiled beauty that are definitely worth camping in.

When it comes to camping holidays in Spain the options are literally unlimited. Campsites have been developed in a variety of different locations in order to facilitate such trips. Among the most popular campsites are Costa Dorada and the Costa Brava. These both fall within the Catalonia region. Costa Verde of Cantabria is also one of the best campsites in Spain. A number of locations on the southern coast of the country such as Manvilva in Andalusia has excellent camping facilities for tourists.

The Catalonia region of Spain shares its borders with the country of France and is known to have a large number of camping sites. One of the things that adds value to this particular region is the fact that it has a contrasting landscape which consists of flat vineyards and olive groves on one side and extremely jagged rocky coastlines on the other side. Among the most frequented campsites in this part of Spain are the Internacional de Calonge, Cala Cogo, Las Dunas and El Delfin Verde.

This region is also home to the famous city of Barcelona which itself is one of the most frequented locations of Spain. In order to facilitate travelers the Spanish government has developed a comprehensive road network that connects the various campsites to major cities. Travelers can also take advantage of the coach services that operate along these motorways. This offers a far more cost-effective solution when compared to hiring your own car.

If you are planning a camping trip to this part of Spain you should definitely make it a point to visit the city of Barcelona as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. It houses many historical architectural wonders and you can add an element of sightseeing to your camping trip. Among the historical buildings that you will be able to see in Barcelona are those that have been designed by the renowned architect Gaudi. The region was also home to legendary artists such as Picasso and Miro and a number of high class museums that display some of the most amazing antiques and crafts of the region.

Towards the south of Barcelona lies another popular campsite known as Costa Dorada. This region is also within close proximity to Valencia. Th often frequented tourist destination features the historic Catalan Pyrenees which is regarded as being one of the best-preserve natural regions of the country and is therefore an excellent choice for a camping trip to Spain.

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