Italian National Holidays

Interested in knowing about the National holidays of Italy? We have got all the Italian national holiday celebrations down in chronological order to make things much easier for you.

When traveling to a foreign land it is always important to check out the dates for the national holidays in the region. People may have varied reasons to do so for instance a business traveler needs to know the days when the market and offices will be closed and must plan his trip accordingly. On the other hand there are people that would like to take part in the holiday celebrations of the region. Hence irrespective of your purpose of travel it is always imperative for the traveler to know the national holiday schedule of the destination.

New Year in Italy

Italy is a country that has a lot of national holidays throughout the year. Some of these holidays are observed on a national scale whereas there are holidays that are especially celebrated in particular regions. Much of the national holidays of Italy are on religious grounds. Christianity being the religion of the state you will find people to be celebrating most of the Christian festivals and taking a break from work. The first day of the year always starts off with a bang as New Year’s Day is the first National holiday of the year. You will only get a gap of five working days before you get another national holiday on the 6th of January for Epiphany. The next series of holidays are also connected with Christianity. Easter and Easter Monday is always a national holiday and a time for celebrations especially for the younger generation as they get to load up on candy.

Liberation Day Italy

The first secular holiday comes in the month of April. The 25th of April is celebrated as the Liberation Day which sees a host of parades and other activities. The French revolution laid the foundations for the celebration of Labor Day. The first of May is marked as the Labor Day holiday in many countries of the world. Then you have the second of June as the Festa della Repubblica which is a day where all offices and schools remain closed.

After this date follow a series of religion based holidays starting from the 15th of August which is believed to be the Assumption of the Virgin Day. Then follows the All Saint’s Day which is marked as November First and this day is held in high esteem by the vast majority of the Italian public. Towards the end of the year you have the biggest festive season of Italy and the most widely celebrated national holidays. They start from December 8th which is marked as the Day of Immaculate Conception to Christmas Day which is the 25th of December and the following Day as Santo Stefano Day.

Regional Holidays Italy

These are about all the important dates that are marked as National holidays of Italy. There are however other holidays that are specific to certain regions. Like most of the national holidays of Italy even these have religious grounds. Each area is known to have a patron saint and these holidays are celebrated in honor of those patron saints of each area. It is always helpful to have the national holiday schedule with you when traveling to Italy as it keeps you well informed and gives you the ability to preplan your traveling.

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