Italian Restaurant Names

Opening up a restaurant? Looking for an appropriate Italian sounding name? Want some examples of popular names for Italian restaurants? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Amongst the things that the country of Italy is famous for is its extremely unique cuisine. Pizza is probably the most ubiquitous culinary contribution to be exported from Italy all throughout the world. Over the years however many people have been exposed to a wider range Italian food. The world at large felt great love for the kind of dishes that the Italians prepare as part of their cuisine. As a result hoards of Italian restaurants have opened up through out the world. There is a huge difference between a restaurant with an Italian name and an Italian restaurant. People have started giving ordinary restaurants Italian names so don’t be fooled.

Common Italian Restaurant Names

The ambiance of a true Italian restaurant is quite different from modern American ones. It will give you more of a traditional feel rather than the hip culture of today. The interior design with the wall paintings will accentuate the surroundings to add to the experience. Andiamo, Avanti Ristorante, Cafe Portobello and La Pasana are names of some of the most famous Italian restaurants. Step into any one of these and you will get a taste and feel of true Italian cuisine.

Restaurant Name Examples

Lately however people have become fascinated with the idea of having an Italian name for just about anything. This includes non Italian babies, all kinds of pets whether Italian or not and restaurants whether they serve Italian food or not. This is because Italian names give a sense of uniqueness to whichever thing that they belong to. It is important to have a good name to market yourself in the restaurant business. Some great examples for Italian names for regular restaurants include Mangiamo which means “Let’s eat”. This kind of name can go well for any kind of restaurant. The same goes for a name like Bel Piatoo which means “Beautiful dish” or Bel Cibo meaning “beautiful food”. Other neutral examples are Buono Mangia which means ‘Good Eats”, La Campagna meaning “The Countryside and Giardino Fresco translated as “Fresh Garden”.

Italian Sounding Restaurant Names

On the other hand when you have a truly Italian name for a truly Italian restaurant then you know you are in for a double treat. Sapori D’ Italia is a restaurant name that you know is going to give you the tastes of the Italian cuisine because the name translates to mean “Tastes of Italy”. There is a typical Italian saying that people say before they start off with a meal and that is “Buon Apetito”. This can serve as a great Italian restaurant name. You can really do a lot with the interior of an Italian restaurant that has Villaggio Italiano as a name. This translates as Italian village. Sometimes people like to give their Italian restaurants names in English. This practice is more common in non-Italian lands and it is done so as to make the people aware that this is a truly Italian food serving restaurant and not one that is only Italian in name. “The great Impasta” and “ Little Italy Fine Dining” are a few examples of such names.

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