Things to do in Bologna

Are you going on holiday to Bologna in Italy? Would you like to know what sightseeing attractions there are in Bologna in Italy? Our guide to Bologna in Italy gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Bologna is an average sized city in Italy with a population of about 370,000. Bologna is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy which is in the north of the country. It’s strategic location at the crossroads between the north and south of Italy make it a major stopping place for travellers in Italy and Bologna has one of the biggest and busiest railway stations in Italy.  Bologna was first settled more than two thousand years ago which means it has a wealth of historical sights for visitors. Some of the most interesting sightseeing suggestions for bologna are mentioned below.

National Art Gallery in Bologna

The National Art Gallery in Bologna has the largest collection of art in the city. This museum in Bologna concentrates mainly on Italian art done by artists from Bologna and the surrounding region of Italy. Works of art on display here include pieces by such famous names from the history of Italian art such as Giotto, El Greco, Titian and Raphael. Opening times for the National Art Gallery in Bologna are from 9am until 7pm. Admission costs €4.

Neptune’s Fountain in Bologna

Neptune’s fountain is located in the centre of the old city of Bologna and apart from being a sightseeing attraction in its own right; it’s a good place to grab a coffee at one of the nearby cafes.  The fountain has been a permanent feature of Bologna since the mid 16th century and it’s four cherubs and sirens located on four directions around the bronze statue of Neptune in the middle represent the four corners of the earth.

Bologna Archaeology Museum

The Bologna Archaeology Museum has a fairly extensive collection of artefacts that were excavated around bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. There is a particularly good collection of artefacts from the Etruscan civilisation which pre dates ancient Rome. This museum in Bologna opens at 9am daily and closes at 6.30pm. Museum admission costs €4.

St Petronio Basilica in Bologna

The Basilica of St Petronio is one of the oldest and most magnificent buildings in Bologna. The Basilica was originally built in the 14th century and is the fifth largest basilica in the world. When it was initially being built, it was intended that this basilica in Bologna be much bigger; however, the Pope issued an edict ordering that the size of the building be scaled down so as not to overshadow the basilicas in the Vatican.

Morandi Museum in Bologna

This museum in Bologna is dedicated to the works of the 20th century Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. Admission to the museum is €4 and opening hours are from 10am until 6pm.

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