Italian Riviera Beaches

Going on a beach holiday in Italy? Find out about what the Italian Riviera beaches have to offer to the traveler in our information guide to the beaches of the Riviera.

It’s always fun to hit the beach to take a moment and break away from the hustle bustle of everyday life. The soothing sound of the waves lapping against the shore and the ships on the distant horizon lets you get in touch with nature and recoup to get back on track in life. Beaches are a much loved tourist spot no matter what country they are in hence Italy is no exception. So where will you be able to find white sandy beaches in Italy? There is a region that goes by the name of Liguria. To the world at large the place is more famous as the Italian Riviera. It is by far the most attractive stretch of coastline in northern Italy.

Generally when one reviews about touring Italy much attention is paid to the cuisine and the rich cultural heritage that Italy has to offer. Up until recently not many people knew that Italy had some outstanding naturally beautiful places that are true tourist havens. The Italian Riviera is not a new discovery mind you. The area had developed a niche tourism market a long time ago but today it is a full fledge getaway for nature pleasure seekers. Much development has taken place to cope up with the large influx of seasonal tourists that the region receives. You will find amazing hotels, apartments, villas and beach houses that are available for rent to the tourists. Many old classical buildings have been transformed into rentable places that offer the people a unique experience.

Life and times on the beaches

The major attraction of the Italian Riviera is its beaches. It has a wide stretch of coastal area which is full of white sand beaches that contrast the sparkling blue water of the sea generating a majestic effect. Although the beach is the main attraction point it would be nothing without the seaside cliffs and coves that compliment the beauty of the beaches. In fact if it weren’t for these cliffs and coves the Italian Riviera beaches would be no different than other ordinary beaches. As if all this natural beauty of the region was not enough to attract the globe trotters, Italian Riviera is surrounded by small towns that have a lot to offer to the public. These small towns of developed vacation rental facilities and it is here that the tourists come and stay.

Portofino is one of the most popular towns and most frequented destination by the visitors. The Cinque Terre is a tiny village which is known for offering challenging hiking paths for the adventure seekers. Then you have the busiest port of the country right in the middle of the coast known as Genoa. The region gives the travelers the unique opportunity to explore the age old port of Italy. Hence we see that the Italian Riviera beaches have a lot more to offer to the tourists than just the opportunity to embezzle in the white sands. You have the cliffs and cloves and the chance to intermingle with the people of the nearby towns and visit the port city as well.

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