Things To Do in Ibiza

Are you going on holiday to Ibiza in Spain? Want to know what sights and activities there are in Ibiza in Spain? Our guide to Ibiza in Spain gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Ibiza in Spain is a small island forming part of the Balearic Islands which are situated approximately 100km off the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. Ibiza is the southern most of the Balearic Islands with Menorca posessing the northern most lattitude. Although Ibiza is much smaller than the neighbouring Balearic Island of Mallorca, it recieves just as many tourists and in recent years has beomce particularly popular with younger holiday makers from elsewhere in Europe who come for the night clubs and huge parties.

Walking in Ibiza in Spain

Away from the busy tourist spots on the beaches of Ibiza, there are many tranquil retreats to be enjoyed. The majority of inland Ibiza in Spain is still undeveloped and covered mainly by woodland consisting of pine and fir trees. It is amidst these rolling woodlands in the heart of Ibiza that the most pleasant weather and relaxing walking routes can be enjoyed. Pick up a map of suggested walking routes from the tourist office in Ibiza.

Shopping in Ibiza in Spain

The best place to go shopping in Ibiza in Spain is Sa Penya. On this street in Ibiza you will find the best clothes shops with designer labels and prices to match. Nearby there are market stalls set up that sell traditional arts and crafts produced locally in Ibiza and elsewhere in Spain.

Ibiza Cathedral in Spain

A visit to the Cathedral in Ibiza town is a good way to spend an hour or so. This Cathedral in Ibiza provides a good example of 14th century architecture from the Gothic period that is present elsewhere in Spain.

Ibiza Archaeology Museum in Spain

The Archaeology Museum in Ibiza has an interesting array of artefacts on display. Exhibits in this museum were found mainly from excavations in Ibiza and some date as far back to the Phoenicians who travelled to Ibiza. There are also a considerable number of exhibits from the Roman era at this museum in Ibiza. Admission to the Ibiza Archaeology Museum costs 2.40 Euros.

Ibiza Contemporary Arts Museum in Spain

The Ibiza Contemporary Arts Museum is one of the more trendy museums in Ibiza. As the name suggests, this museum focuses on modern art from Ibiza and all over Spain and plays host to a continuous string of temporary art exhibitions. Entrance to this museum in Ibiza in Spain costs 1.20 Euros.

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