Italian Spinach Pie

Looking to make a special treat using spinach? Find out how the Italian spinach pie can get your friends and family licking their fingers after they are done.

The Italians have a long and interesting tradition that has to do with pies. From meat pies to cheese pies and rice pies to the spinach pie you will be able to find a wide variety of different kinds of pie recipes from the country. This is largely due to the fact that up until 1861 Italy existed as separate states that had many different kinds of people and communities in them. Each community had its own way of cooking and particular taste. Hence we find that each region had its own special cuisine that comes under the umbrella of the Italian cuisine at large. This is the reason why we find so many varieties of pies in the country.

Another factor is the availability of ingredients. Most people were restricted to using the ingredients that were available in their surrounding areas and hence we can see them making use of those ingredients in their cooking. The spinach pie is also one of Italy’s finest varieties. The cuisine of Italy is so diverse that if you ask ten people how to make an Italian spinach pie you will probably get ten different answers. Nonetheless the Italian spinach pie has gained world wide recognition as yet another delicacy from the wonderful Italian cuisine.

The Spinach pie is good for you

In recent years medical science has been able to unfold the benefits that spinach has for the human body. Spinach contains a specific substance known as lutein. This particular substance has a lot of benefits especially related to the functioning of the eye. It has been observed that a healthy consumption of spinach can prevent cataracts in the eye and even improve your vision in cases that suffer from macular degeneration.

Making the Spinach pie

This spinach packed delight from the Mediterranean lands has attracted world wide attention. Many people are crazy about the Italian spinach pie especially now that the benefits of spinach have been unfolded. Making the Italian spinach pie is not a very difficult or time consuming job especially if you are going to be using a store bought crust. Even with the store bought crust you will be able to prepare something that has such an exquisite taste that your family will end up thinking you put your sweat and blood into making this delicious treat. The Italian spinach pie is also an ideal way to get kids to get their recommended dose of the green leaf as they tend to dislike it otherwise.

You will need to sauté garlic and onions in a pan and then add some fresh spinach and salt up to taste and stir till wilted. After draining out the extra moisture you can place the spinach mixture over the bottom pie crust and even it out while topping it off with shredded cheese. Make a mixture out of sour cream, eggs, milk, salt and pepper and pour it over the spinach mix. You can indulge in your Italian spinach pie after baking it for 45 minutes and leaving it at room temperature for 10 minutes.

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