Phuket Water Sports

Are you going on holiday to Phuket in Thailand? Why not try some of the many water sports available in Phuket? Here we’ve highlighted the best water sports on offer in Phuket.

Jet Skis in Phuket

Although technically illegal, Jet skis are available for hire in Phuket. Prices start at around 700 Baht for 30 minutes with discounts available if you rent a few. The best place to go jet skiing in Phuket is around the popular Patong beach.

Parasailing in Phuket

Parasailing is relatively new to Phuket although there are a few companies offering this sport on the Island.  Prices are not cheap however and start at about 600 baht for a ten minute ride being pulled by a speed boat. Parasailing is available mainly at Patong and Kata beaches.

Hobie Cats in Phuket

Hobie cats are a great way to spend the day in the sea at Phuket. They can be rented for about 600 baht per hour and each Hobie cat can take a couple of people.

 Windsurfing in Phuket

Windsurfing and surfing are popular activities with many young holiday makers in Phuket. The best season for surfing is during the summer when the waves are higher. A surfboard complete with sails can be rented for only 200 baht per hour at Kata or Patong beach.

Kayaking in Phuket

Although kayaks are available for rent at the popular tourist beaches in Phuket, perhaps the best place to go kayaking is in Phanga bay which is a popular day trip destination from Phuket. There are about 120 small islands in the idyllic setting of a quiet bay all waiting to be explored by kayak. There are many tour operators in Phuket offering day trips to Phanga Bay by boat.

Day Cruises in Phuket

Day cruises, usually to Phanga bay of the nearby islands of Krabi and Phi Phi start at around 1,500 baht. This includes lunch on the boat and hotel transfers before and after the trip.  James Bond Island is also a popular day cruise destination from Phuket.

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