Formula One in Italy

Are you going on holiday to Italy? Would you like to watch formula one racing at a track in Italy? Our guide to Formula One in Italy gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Every year Italy plays host to two races on the Formula One motor racing circuit. The first Formula One race of every season occurs at the Monza racing track situated close by to Milan. The second Formula One race that is hosted in Italy is at the San Marino racing track. These two Formula One races in Italy are discussed below.

Formula One at Monza track in Italy

The Monza track near Milan in Italy is one of the first circuits that is visited in the Formula One season. The grand prix at Monza in Italy usually occurs sometime in September when the weather is still quite warm in Italy. Although this may be good for the spectators, the formula one racing teams need to take the high temperatures into account in order to ensure their cars don’t overheat. The Formula One track at Monza is one of the oldest grand prix circuits in the history of Formula One motor racing. The physical layout of the track is a typically old fashioned European racing track that allows for maximum speed along the relatively long straights. Formula one cars can reach speeds of over 350km per hour on the straights at the Monza racing track in Italy. This also allows Formula One racers to overtake each other more easily which makes for a more interesting Grand Prix for the spectators. The type of track found at Monza in Italy is relatively rare in Formula One which has incorporated newer designed tracks at other location on the Formula One grand prix circuit.

Formula One at San Marino track in Italy

Formula One usually comes to San Marino every year in about April. The name of the track at which the San Marino Grand Prix is held is the Enzo e Dino Ferrari track, named after the creators of the Italian car Ferrari which has in recent years dominated Formula One racing and is supported by the majority of Italian people.  The Enzo e Dino Ferrari Formula One racing track in San Marino is unusual in that is runs anti clockwise, while most Formula One tracks run clockwise. This Formula One racing track in San Marino is particularly hard on the brakes as there are several steep turns that need to be negotiated on the track.  The Formula One racing track at San Marino is also designed so that is requires drivers to make an unusually high number of left turns throughout the course of the grand prix.

Buying Formula One tickets in Italy

Buying tickets for Formula One in Italy is not cheap. The first tickets that are offered to the public for Formula one racing in Italy are three-day tickets. In July or August, depending on whether or not the three day tickets have sold out, one day tickets are made available. Prices vary greatly between 50-500 Euros depending on where you want to sit.

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