Italian Villa Garden Style

Italian villa gardens have been attracting attention for centuries. Today they are regarded as the most exquisite form of garden designing. Find out where the villa style comes from and how it is valued amongst garden lovers today.

The long and narrow boot shaped country of Italy has an extremely rich plant diversity which is visible in its exquisite gardens. In terms of gardening styles Italy has contributed a great deal to the field. The long history of the country plus the climatic conditions and the traditions has all had an influence on the sense of style in the Italian garden. The country of Italy showcases an array of amazing architectural pieces in the form of villas. Within these villas the specially designed gardens seem to be the highlighting element which stands unparalleled in terms of the look and feel that they are able to generate.

The Italian sense of designing villa gardens has been handed down the generations as the particular style was used by much of the European monasteries and convents in the middle ages. In Italy however garden designing developed its own uniqueness as the region had its own variation of plants and climatic conditions. The Italian villa gardens display the kind of relaxed lifestyle the Italians are fond of living. This is not to say that the Italian gardens are poorly maintained. Much to the contrary the Italian villa garden is maintained so carefully that not even a single leaf will seem out of place.

Where do they come from?

Although the Italian villa garden design can be traced back to centuries ago it still holds a very prominent and respected place in the world of garden designing. Today the Italian villa garden style is taken as a symbol of class and aristocracy and you have people all around the world trying to model their garden around the same theme. An Italian villa garden however is brought to life with the use of traditional Italian plants. The expert designers take to the planning and laying out of the Italian garden based on the model that they have from years ago. The trademark design of the Italian villa garden will feature geometrical patterns and symmetrical arrangement of plants. Pathways made of gravel dissect the garden making a place to walk through it and experience the beauty of the plants up close and personal.

When we study the history of the concept of designing gardens then we find the art to take it roots from Arabia. From their onwards it bled into the Greek and Roman civilizations and became quite an established practice during the Renaissance. Then it was further influenced by European culture and France in particular to become the Italian villa garden designs that we see today. Italy still has a number of classical gardens from the 17th and 18th century displaying the artistry of the garden designers.

The Italian villa garden is sure to feature a seating area known as a patio. This area allows for the house hold members to sit back and relax while enjoying the beautifully laid out garden. The patio area is great to have a cup of coffee or dinner during the summers with the family.

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