Acuvue Canada

Want to buy Acuvue Canada products? Read on for facts and info on the various products developed by the company…

Acuvue Canada is a contact lens brand which is of premium quality and designed for three main uses which are daily wear, flexible wear and daily disposable. The daily wear lenses are the ones which are removed every night and cleaned by the user. The flexible wear can be used even when you’re sleeping and last up to six nights, finally the daily disposable lenses are the ones that can be used for a single day and then must be thrown away.

There are various products prepared for near and farsightedness sight correction by the Acuvue Canada lenses brand.

The most common lenses created by this brand include those used for common wear, color change and managing astigmatism. Products like the Acuvue Advanced can be used for up to two weeks of daily wear, and are used by nearsighted and farsighted people providing all-day comfort to the wearer. The Acuvue Oasys can be used daily for extended use over nights of continuous use providing all-day comfort.

The regular Acuvue Canada lenses allow you to sleep in them for up to one week and are comfortable to use. The daily disposable lens by Acuvue Canada is called 1 day Acuvue and must be disposed after 24-hours of usage. You can use the colored lenses in the range to enhance your natural eye color and wear them for up to two weeks. The lenses developed to manage astigmatism provide all-day comfort and crystal-clear vision. There are also bifocal lenses which can be worn with ease and comfort.
The Hydraclear technology used by the manufacturer ensures that there is a soft and silky feel on your eyes and there is no irritation or uncomfortable sensation when you wear the product.

Acuvue Canada is actually the first brand in the world to manufacture disposable contact lenses, and with its constant research and development is still the most popular brand prescribed for disposable contact lens users all over the world. The contact lens has special Lacreon technology that allows water to remain embedded in the lens material and is very similar to that found in natural tears.

It is recommended that users of the Acuvue lens follow the care instructions and replacement schedule very carefully after consulting the eye care professional. There are in rare cases serious problems which may occur due to wearing contact lenses so it is best to consult a professional eye care doctor before embarking on selection of a brand that is suitable for you. You must not personally start wearing the product without having your eyes checked because an eye doctor can determine if contact lenses will actually work for you.

Acuvue Canada is known for its outstanding range of contact lens options all over the world and caters to just about everyone who needs vision correction. The company behind this brand is geared towards maintaining the highest standards in quality and has an international network. The Acuvue brand is known for its investment in innovation, use of technology, inventing new products to meet the needs of customers requiring clearer vision and better quality vision products.


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