American Eagle Blue Jeans

Interested in American eagle blue jeans? Discover the infinite variety of blue jeans made available by American Eagle…

American Eagle Outfitters has been producing quality blue jeans since 1904. Although the brand did not take their current form up until the late 1990’s. Yet classic blue jeans have been part of the company’s product range ever since its inception.

Today American Eagle Outfitters is ranked at number 2 in sales and is fast catching up with the number one brand which is Old Navy. American Eagle blue jeans are available in a wide variety of styles and fittings.

Amongst the most popular styles by the company is the loose fit jeans that drops down loose through the thighs and has a straight leg shape down below. These are incredibly comfortable jeans that give you the ultimate relaxed feel. The soft and durable cotton denim used to produce these jeans further accentuates the comfort level.

If you are looking for an even more relaxed fit then the American Eagle bootcut blue jeans are by far the most comfortable blue jeans you will be able to find. They offer the wearer a more relaxed fit through the leg. These jeans are available in a five pocket design and are prewashed to give them a pre-worn look.

Another unique category of blue jeans by American Eagle is the low rise straight jeans. This collection has the distressed look which is particularly popular amongst the teenagers. Rip and repair detailing on the sides of the legs add to the aesthetic value of the blue jeans. Amongst the latest releases from the company are the slim straight jeans. These are also low rise but feature a walked-on-hem style that gives it a vintage look.

The infinite shades of American Eagle blue jeans

Irrespective of the kind of shape you choose amidst the interesting variety you have a host of blues to choose from as well. One of the most popular colors for blue jeans by American eagle is the light sandy wash. This is a really cool color that works excellent with all kinds of tops and has a very tranquil appeal for the eye.

If on the other hand you are looking for something more on the sober side then you can go for the dark stone wash blue jeans by American Eagle. Another unique variety in the dark blue range is the dark rich indigo wash. The dark brush wash and the original indigo wash are other options that you can go for.

There are other interesting options for blue jeans if you want to go old school with American Eagle. The traditional white wash is a very light shade of blue that has always worked well amongst the masses. The destroyed super light wash is a totally different feel generated by American Eagle. The faded bleach wash is somewhere in the middle of light and genuine blue. These are just some of the many varieties of blue jeans that American Eagle has to offer to its clients.

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