Italy Convents Monastery Lodging

Want to learn more about Italy convents monastery lodging? Read on for facts and info about convents and monastery accommodation for travelers in Italy…

If you are looking to travel to Italy on a budget then you might want to consider staying in an Italian convent or monastery lodging. This is a far more cost-effective accommodation option in comparison to hotels and hostels. At the same time it gives you a distinctively different experience from that which you would be able to obtain by staying in Italian hotels.

It is true that convents and monasteries are likely to have stricter rules when compared to any other Italian hotel or hostel, but in general few people would have a problem abiding to their guidelines for guests. People are generally of the assumption that only those individuals that practice the Roman Catholic faith are allowed to stay within these monasteries. However this is contrary to the truth as people from every faith are allowed to take advantage of this cost-effective lodging opportunity.

There is however one thing that might cause problems to some travelers. This is the fact that most convents and monastery lodgings have some sort of a curfew which requires residents to be inside the facility at a specific time. If your purpose is to explore the various sites of Italy during the day then you will not have much trouble in abiding by the curfew restrictions. On the other hand, if you wish to experience the night life of Italy then this might not be the ideal accommodation choice for you. A large majority of these monasteries also require couples to be officially married to each other in order to seek accommodation in their facility.

One of the problems associated with seeking accommodation at convents and monasteries in Italy is the fact that they might be tougher to locate than hotels or hostels. This is because these buildings are primarily houses of worship and offering holiday accommodation is second priority for them, hence they are not as heavily advertised as normal hotels are. If you are the kind of person that wants to avoid the rush during your vacation trip to Italy then this kind of accommodation will suit you best. However in order to locate the appropriate convent or monastery to stay in you might need to invest some more time in doing the research.

Listings of convent and monastery accommodations in Italy are regularly published in print media. For example a book called “Bed and Blessings” is famous for providing listings of such accommodation. However, such books are not widely available. The Internet has in many ways made it easier to locate this kind of accommodation in Italy. You will be able to find websites that are dedicated to providing convent and monastery lodging options for interested individuals. Furthermore, you might also want to read a few articles that enlighten the reader about what they should expect when seeking a stay in the convents and monasteries of Italy.


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