Festivals in Florence

Are you going on holiday to Florence in Italy? Do you want your vacation to coincide with one of the annual festivals in Florence? Our festival guide to Florence gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Florence is a city replete with fantastic sightseeing opportunities and has a history to rival any capital city in the world. Every year millions of tourists make their way to Florence to enjoy the sights and museums; however, if you’re in the partying mood there is no better time to visit Florence than when there is a festival on. Below we’ve mentioned when the major festivals in Florence occur and described a bit about their background.

Festival of St. John In Florence

The festival of St. John takes place in Florence ever year on the 24th June. This Florentine festival is celebrated with medieval style football matches in which almost anything goes while the crowd roars and makes merry while cheering on the players. In the evening the centre of festivities moves to Michelangelo Square in the old city of Florence where a marvellous fireworks display is put on for the public.

Explosion Of The Cart Festival In Florence

The explosion of the cart festival occurs every year in Florence on Easter Sunday. A large cart is wheeled to the town square in front of Florence Cathedral and set on fire.

Florence Music Festival

Florence music festival is a drawn out affair that usually takes place over the course of two months during the summer in Florence. A series of musical performances and concerts of various different music genres are staged at the communal theatre in Florence.

Florence Antiques Festival

The Florence Antiques festival takes place every other year in the city. The Strozzi palace is usually the venue for the festival where antiques dealers and experts from all over Europe usually congregate to buy, sell and browse around the vast collections of antiques that are gathered.

Florence Paper Lantern Festival

The Paper Lantern Festival in Florence begins in the first week of September. The festival culminates in a musical procession at the head of which an effigy of “Our Lady” the Virgin Mary is paraded. Participants usually dress up in medieval costumes to celebrate the occasion.

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