French Chefs Decor

Have you become interested in French chef theme/related décor for your home? To learn more about the different kinds of French chef décor read our guide for more facts and information…

In recent years French chef themed bits and pieces have become popular as collectors items, and not just with people who enjoy French cuisine. There are different ways in which one can incorporate French chef themed items into the home, and particularly in the kitchen.

This kind of décor is not really for the serious, artistic home decorator. Most of these pieces are comical and often depict caricatures of French chefs as stereotypical overweight men with tall hats and big moustaches.

Kitchen Décor

French chef related kitchen décor items are limitless. These include kitchen towels, salt and pepper shakers, wine bottle openers, welcome signs, serving dishes, utensils, trays, wine bottle holders, cake stands, wall clocks, place mats, floor mats, wall prints, collector’s figurines, spoon rests, pizza cutters, wall hooks, food containers, etc. There are countless ways in which one can add French chef décor into the kitchen.

Uses of French Chef Decor

These are excellent for dinner parties or as gifts for loved ones. They add some fun to any dinner party with friends. And, they are especially popular gift ideas for recent graduates of culinary schools, foodies, or amateur chefs.
A great thing about buying these as gifts for loved ones is that they can be custom ordered to include the name of the person for whom it is being purchased.

Where to Buy

There are many web stores that specialise in selling these pieces because of the increasing demand by collectors. Because these are not sold in physical stores there are hundreds of different things to choose from. And, because they are not sold in brick and mortar stores they are fairly cheap. These are much more affordable than other popular collectors’ items for the home such as antiques or paintings.

Other French Chef Décor

For people who love France and French cuisine there is another way in which to decorate your kitchen and be inspired to create your favourite French cuisine at home. One can purchase copper pots which are widely used in the best restaurants in France. Install a rack on the ceiling and store all your pots and pans there as they do in professional restaurants in order to save on space. Also store wooden spoons and serving spoons above the stove for easy convenience. Line French cookbooks along the wall for easy convenience.

There are countless ways in which one can add an element of French kitchen or chef décor into a home kitchen. And, one of the biggest advantages of this kind of décor is that it is relatively inexpensive, and can be gradually introduced. One does not need to hire contractors to totally renovate the kitchen space. Some small touches can go a long way in bringing a touch of France into the home. If you are a DIY person this is also really easy to do yourself.

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