Italy Glass Vases

Want to buy an Italian Glass Vase? Read on for facts and info on the popular glass vases produced in Italy…

The Italians are renowned for their exceptional skill in making glass products. They have a long tradition of making glass vases, which have been in production since many years. In fact, Italy was the first country to set up a fully functioning facility producing modern glass vases as early as 1910 along with the other glass products.

Known as Glas Vaas in the Italian language, these products are characterized by their unique designs and exceptional skill that is employed in constructing the vases. Interested Individuals will be able to find the traditional glas vaas of Italy in many different styles and designs.

Contrary to popular belief, Italian glas vaas are not very expensive. It is true that the Italian glass vases dating back to 1950 and earlier are sold for incredibly high prices along with those produced by high end designer labels; however you would be able to find plenty of unmarked Italian glass vases at affordable rates.

Such unrecognized Italian glass vases display the same aesthetic sense and classic Venetian style that characterizes these products. Hence you will most definitely be able to find an authentic Italian glass vase that will match your sense of aesthetics and fall within your budget.

The collection of Italian vases consists of both, classic and contemporary styles along with the classic Venetian pieces. Amongst the collection you will also be able to find models that have a practical function to play, whereas on the other hand there are vases that have been created for the sake of art only and do not have any practical utility function. Such vases act as sculptures and are meant to accentuate the interiors of homes.

Many artists have used the Glaas Vaas as a medium of making an artistic expression. This is why you will be able to find Italian glass vases made using a variety of different glass techniques. Amongst the most popularly employed glass techniques are the sommerso and avventure. Over the years the Italians have perfected many different glass-making techniques that can now be seen in the wide variety of glass products that they produce.

Some of the most well known names involved in the production of Italian glass products include Fragile Studio, Stefano Toso e Romano Dona, Alberto Donà, Campagnol e Davide Salvadore, Mauro Bonaventura, Andrea Naccari and Seguso.

Murano island of Italy is considered as being the center of glass production. The region is home to some of the best designers and biggest manufacturers of Italian glass products. The more exquisite Italian glass vases are however, not mass-produced, rather they are produced one at a time at the hands of highly skilled artists who consider themselves to be different from good craftsmen. The job of good craftsmen is to employ physical labor in the production of glass vases whereas artists are responsible for making the unique designs.

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