Northridge California Homes For Sale Real Estate

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Located in the San Fernando Valley region, Northridge, California, has a lot to offer. Real estate and homes for sale here in this area of CA can run the entire range, from small and affordable to extravagant and expensive.

Northridge is part of the City of Los Angeles, in Los Angeles County, CA. You may want to consider real estate and homes for sale here because of the climate and mild temperatures, or for other reasons. You will find property that includes single family and multi family dwellings, condominiums, commercial structures, and even vacant land ready for building the home of your dreams.

Northridge Home Values

Seventy five percent of the housing in Northridge, California, is rental housing, with only a little more than twenty five percent of the real estate in this part of CA being privately owned and occupied. Less than two percent of the homes are vacant at any given time.

The median home value in Northridge is around seven hundred thousand dollars, and the market has picked up lately. The California real estate market has seen a downward slope, but this problem has started to resolve. The market has stabilized, and homes for sale are starting to move off the market faster again.

Living in Northridge

Northridge, California occupies around seventeen square miles of space, and has a population of around two thousand people. This part of Los Angeles is not heavily overcrowded like some other areas and neighborhoods of this city in CA, and real estate here is in demand. Homes for sale in this neighborhood vary, and there are usually some on the market at any given time.

The cost of living in Northridge, California is high. According to the national index it will cost you eighty three percent more to live here in this area of CA  than it does the national average. That is one reason that real estate may stay on the market for a period, and homes for sale may not be immediately snatched up. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average at only five percent, and the median income here is around thirty seven thousand dollars.

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