Shopping in Florence

Are you going on holiday to Florence in Italy? Would you like to know where the best places to go shopping in Italy are? Our guide to shopping in Florence gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Although Florence is a small town located in the north of Italy, every year it receives millions of visitors who come for the sightseeing, museums and festivals in Florence. All these tourists enable Florence to sustain a good retail sector which means plenty of excellent shopping opportunities for visitors. Below we’ve mentioned the most popular things that people go shopping for in Florence.

Leather Goods Shopping in Florence Italy

Italian leather is among the best in the world and Florence is no exception. The main area to go shopping for leather goods in Florence is Via de Gondi located not far from the town centre. Otherwise, Florence has its own leather craftsmanship school where young Italians learn to become masters of making all sorts of leather goods. You can go along and watch these people learn their trade and if you like what they are making you can even buy it.

Designer Clothes Shopping in Florence Italy

Although not as well known as Milan, Florence does have plenty of interesting places to go shopping for fashion. Most of the big Italian and European designers have boutiques in Florence including Gucci, Versace and Valentino. The best places to go shopping for designer clothing in Florence are Via Roma and Via Por Santa Maria. If you are into designer clothing but are looking for cheaper prices then try one of the several factory outlets that operate on the outskirts of the city. Prices can be up to 50% cheaper at these outlets in Florence.

Shopping at Flea Markets in Florence Italy

Florence has a couple of excellent flea markets where you can pick up anything from an old book to homemade foods. The most famous of these places is the Mercato dei Pulci where on the last Sunday of every month a huge market is set up with vendors and buyers from the whole region of Tuscany coming to participate in the market.

Shopping for Perfume in Florence Italy

Florence has a long history of perfume making dating back to the 17th century when perfume making was mainly the preserve of monks. Try the Santa Maria perfumery in Florence which was established by Dominican monks and makes everything from perfume to scented soaps and pot pouri.

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