Cascabel Real Estate Baja California

Want to invest in Cascabel real estate? Read on for facts and info on homes for sale in Baja, California…

Baja, California is a state of Mexico in the North East. The State covers a total area of 27636 square miles. Ion the west is the Pacific Ocean while on east is Sonora, Arizona and Gulf of California. There is a large number of Cascabel Real Estate Baja California to choose from in case you are thinking of relocating.

About the State

Baja California is the westernmost and northernmost state of Mexico with a total land area of 27636 square miles and a population of over 3165776 according to the census in June 2009. The capital is Mexicali and other important cities include Enseneda, Tijuana and Tecate. The education system is one of the best in the entire country with over 30 universities offering professional degrees. There are ample opportunities to invest as far as Cascabel Real Estate Baja California is concerned.

Enseneda is a municipality with a total land area of 20058 square miles and is the largest city of Baja state. It has the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Gulf of California on the east. It is one of the best cities to invest in. Mexicali is the capital of the state of Baja Mexico. It has a total population of over 653046. It is divided along as one city and 14 different boroughs. These cities along with Tecate, Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito are the ideal cities to go for Cascabel Real Estate Baja California in.

In the Entremar Enseneda on average a flat can be obtained at around $320000. The surrounding area is quite posh being in the centre of all activity. The locality has restaurants, hotels, banks, stores, theaters and universities all closer to home. In Mexicali the Privida Vista Hermosa area is a posh area with houses and luxury home available in around $250000.

The La Bufadora is a city in Baja Mexico which has a number of great places where investment can be made in a Cascabel Real Estate Baja California. The price change on homes in the Todos Santos area ranges from $950000 to $1700000. Playas De Tijuana is another major city in Baja California and has numerous different areas where a person can buy his dream house. Located along the De Las Ostras is the Oceanfront area where on average a 4 bedroom house can easily be available in around $950000.
La Paz is a city located in the Baja California Sur Mexico and the area of Alavrop Obregon is ideal for new or prospective residents with a small single family house available around $70,000 only. San Quintin is also a good place to consider for buying when thinking of making a small investment in Cascabel Real Estate Baja California. This area is a beach front area with small one family unit available in around $19950.

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