Best Cheese in Paris

Going on holiday to Paris? Want to know where to get the best French cheese? Here we tell you about one of the best cheese makers in Paris; Androuet.

French cheese, along with Swiss cheese, is among the best in the world. There are believed to be 246 well established and recognized types of cheese in France. Many French cheeses take their name from the region of France they are made in, and most of the best cheeses in France are protected by law, so it’s impossible to copy the production process of a particular cheese and sell it under the same name. There are also strict quotas placed on how much of each type of French cheese can be produced yearly, in order to prevent over production and the value of a cheese dropping.

Androuet Best Cheese Seller Paris

Ask 9 out of 10 French people in Paris where to go to get the best cheese and you’ll almost certainly be told to check out Androuet. Androuet have been producing and selling some of the best cheeses in Paris for decades, in fact, in 2009 they will be celebrating 100 years of selling cheese. Part of the secret of their success is that because Androuet is a family run business, the owners stake their reputation on the cheese they sell, so they make sure quality is never compromised.

French Cheese Shops Paris

Demand for the best cheese Androuet have to offer is great, and the business seems to be continually expanding. Androuet have a total of five cheese shops in different areas of Paris, all of which do a brisk trade at any time of day or year. However, Androuet’s fame is not only confined to Paris and Parisians, There are currently plans to open new shops in other European countries, and a good number of customers who come to taste the best cheese Androuet have to offer at their Paris shops are tourists from around the world. These are the addresses of the five Androuet Cheese shops in Paris:

37, rue de Verneuil – 75007 Paris
Metro: Rue du Bac, Solférino (line 12).

17, rue des Belles-Feuilles – 75016 Paris
Metro: Victor Hugo (line 2), Trocadéro (lines 6, 9).

23, rue de la Terrasse – 75017 Paris
Metro: Villiers (lines 2, 3).

134, rue Mouffetard – 75005 Paris
Metro: Censier Daubenton (line 7).

1, rue Bois le Vent – 75016 Paris
Metro: La Muette (line 9), Passy (line 6).

Best Cheese Types Paris

Androuet cheese shops in Paris stock up to 200 different kinds of only the best French cheeses, making choosing one type rather difficult. Many people are surprised to see just how different many of the French cheeses look to what most consider to be ordinary cheese sold in supermarkets.  Making the best French cheese is an art that requires precision training and knowledge of maturing processes. Each type of cheese is cured and matured under the guidance and direction of qualified cheese ripening experts, while being aged in specially made cheese cellars. Androuet’s staff are well trained in these sciences and well placed to advise you on what type of cheese you may prefer.

Bringing the Best Cheese Home

Taking back cheese to the US is fine as long as it’s hard cheese. If you tell the staff at Androuet you are buying to take the cheese home they’ll even provide you with a vacuum sealed tub. You should, however, check with the department of agriculture or US customs and borders before you travel as rules can change.

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