Shopping in Rome

Are you going on holiday to Rome in Italy? Are you looking forward to a shopping spree while in Rome? Want to know when and where to go shopping in Rome? Our guide gives you the facts & information about shopping in Rome.

Rome is one of the cultural capitals of the world, with a wealth of interesting sightseeing experiences and museums to be visited. Many people; however, enjoy coming to Rome primarily for it’s fantastic shopping opportunities including everything from flea markets to fashion shopping. Below we’ve outlined the major things that people shop for in Rome.

Shoe Shopping

Italy is famous for its quality leather shoes and Rome has some of the best places for shoe shopping. The range of shoes on sale in Rome is quite eclectic making it easy for you to find the shoes you are looking for while shopping in Rome, whether it’s the chic classical look or more avant-guard shoes that you’re shopping for. The best places to go shoe shopping in Rome are Via dei Baullari, Via dei Pettinari and Via Borgognona.

Leather Hand Bags

Rome has a fantastic selection of shops that produce leather goods including ladies hand bags which are of excellent quality and highly fashionable. If you explore properly while shopping, you’ll even be able to find shops that will make you a bespoke leather hand bag according to your own personal specifications within only a day or so. The best place to go shopping for handbags in Rome is Via Borgognona.

Designer Clothes Shopping

Rome is one of the fashion capitals of the worlds and hosts several heavy weights in the world of haute couture inducing Versace, Prada, Armani and Valentino to name only a few. Practically every top designer in the world of fashion has a boutique or two in Rome, and the good thing is that many of them are situated in the same shopping district, making it easier for you to go shopping for your designer clothes.  If you’re interested in doing some fashion shopping in Rome, and willing to feel the pinch in your wallet, then head for Via del Governo Vecchio or Via Cola di Rienz in cenral Rome.

Antique Shopping in Italy

Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world and as such it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of antiques to be found for those interested in antique shopping. A shopping trip for antiques can throw up anything from old books and paintings to roman coins and pottery. The centre of antiques shopping activity in Rome is the Via Coronari, where every autumn an annual antiques festival is held.

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