Italy Sightseeing Guide Things to do in Genoa

Are you going on holiday to Genoa in Italy? Do you want to know where the best tourist attractions and sightseeing spots in Genoa are? Our guide to Genoa in Italy gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Genoa is a historical Italian town situated in the north west of Italy between Tuscany and the border with France. Genoa is situated on the coast of Italy and looks out onto the Liguria Sea. With its rich history, Genoa has several sights of interest to the visitor, some of which are mentioned below

Ferrari Square in Genoa

Ferrari Square in Genoa is a good starting point from which to embark on a walking tour of the city of Genoa. Centrally located, it is close by to several sights of interest to visitors including many museums. Apart from the usual art and historical museums that you might expect to find in a historic Italian city like Genoa, there is also a museum dedicated to jazz in Genoa, which is situated just off the Ferrari square. Italian people love jazz music which has been played in Italy for nearly one hundred years and this museum in Genoa is a good place to learn about Italian and other jazz music.

Old City in Genoa

To gain an authentic taste of what Genoa used to look like before industrialisation and modernisation, head for the old city of Genoa. Much like the Medina of Marrakech, the Old City is a literal maze of seemingly unordered alleyways and cobbled streets that cross each other endlessly.  The Old City of Genoa was built largely in the 16th century at the height of the renaissance which took place predominantly in the north of Italy. It is befitting then that the Old City of Genoa should be home to some of the cities most interesting art museums and other cultural attractions.  Among the museums located in the Old City of Genoa is the World Cultures Museum with exhibits from all over the world.

San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa

The San Lorenzo Cathedral is the main cathedral in Genoa and well worth a visit. The Cathedral itself dates back to the 12th century, although the highlight of any visit includes the painting of the last judgement which is a classic example of Christian art in Italy dating back to Byzantine times. This cathedral in Genoa is also supposed to house several holy relics from the early history of Christianity.

Strada Nova Museum in Genoa

This is the best place in Genoa to come if you are interested in art. The Strada Nova used to be a high class residential area for the noble families of Genoa; although some of the old mansions have been converted into art museums.

Festivals in Genoa

Genoa plays host to the annual Paganiniana festival which is named after the great violinist Paganini who was a native of Genoa. Highlights of the festival include an international violin competition drawing some of the best violinists in the world.

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