Buying Wholesale Mexico

Are you looking to buy wholesale goods from Mexico? Want to know what the best wholesale goods are in Mexico and how to get them? Our guide to buying wholesale in Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Mexico is increasingly being seen as a top purchasing destination for many American businessmen who seek to capitalize on the savings that can be made from buying wholesale products from Mexico before re selling them at a profit in the US. Whether it’s wholesale furniture, jewelry, sterling silver, tack sets and even wholesale botox, they are available wholesale in Mexico and easily purchasable for anyone willing to put in the effort and do the research.

Why Mexico Wholesale?

There are two main reasons why buying wholesale goods from Mexico is so attractive to the American businessman; cost and transport. The average wage in Mexico is much lower than in the US which means factories in Mexico are able to sell their products at much lower prices than in the US because the wage costs are much lower. This creates a big saving for US wholesale buyers. Secondly, US businessman will find it relatively easy shipping their wholesale goods to the US. This is because not only is Mexico geographically close to the US but also because of certain trade agreements and bilateral relations between the US and Mexico doing business between these two countries is relatively easy. Wholesale buyers from the US could also make great savings buying from China, but would incur larger costs and greater difficulty trying to ship their products back home.

Wholesale Sterling Silver from Mexico

Mexico is famous for its production of jewelry, particularly jewelry made from sterling silver. The jewelry is generally of a high standard and intricately designed with traditional Mexican engraving and studded with semiprecious stones. Wholesale buyers interested in buying jewelry from Mexico can also specify what types of jewelry they want and give design briefs to the manufacturers about items of jewelry they want made. The quality of craftsmanship is good as is the quality of material and they should have no trouble catering to your requests.






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