Irish Setter Hunting Boots

Looking to buy some Irish setter hunting boots? Read on for specific information on the different types of hunting boots available to you in our guide to the most popular Irish setter boots…

Boots carry a personality. But they also need to have certain practical features that make them fit for the intended purpose. Whether you are looking for boots for hunting, fishing, snow or just plain casual boots you will surely be able to find something that meets your needs amongst the collection of Irish setter boots.

Hunting boots

The Wingshooters Style 838 developed by Irish Setter is perhaps one of their all time best selling hunting boots. They weigh in at 3 lb. 7 oz and have a total height of six inches. You will be able to keep your feet dry in these water proof boots made using special water proof Amber leather. The resilience of the boots is further increased with the use of moisture wicking nylon leather lining. The boots also feature a fabric covered EVA footbed that gives you style and comfort. The Steel shank will keep the boots in good shape for years to come. The Wingshooters boots are also embedded with a lightweight dual density midsole. One of the most attractive features of this pair is the white sole. You will need some milk oil and silicone to maintain the condition of these boots. The superbly cushioned interior and the light weight offer maximum comfort to the hunter whereas from the outside the boots are as resilient as a battle armor.

Big game boots

You will find the Mountain Claw style to be one of the most impressive boots in the Irish setter collection. These boots are embedded with Ground claw features that have aggressive rubber cleats that will help you to maintain your balance on the steepest of slopes. The Eva cushioning on the midsoles has been fitted in the shoes so that they act as shock absorbers while reducing the weight. The boots are made using high quality brown frisco leather and are lined with nylon shanks.

Knee boots

The Shadow Trek Viper Style is one of the most remarkable knee boots from Irish Setter. It is embedded with the trade mark Ground Claw with a superior grip and the shock absorbing EVA cushioned midsole. The ultra dry fabric lining and the moisture wicking nylon lining keeps the boots immune to the effects of weathering. The Steel shanks increase the boot’s life whereas they have also been made Snakeproof to offer the wearer maximum protection.

Non Camo

Irish setter non camo boots of the Wingshooters style is a popular variety in this category. Available in jet black the rubber pul superb cushioning offer maximum stability coupled with the lightweight EVA. The special sole of the boots will give you excellent traction over varying terrain. Made using excellent quality sunset kangaroo leather these shoes have got the form as well as the function. The memory foam footbed and 400 gram thinsulate ultra insulation provide maximum comfort whereas the steel shank and Gore Tex lining ensure a long and stable life for these non camo boots.

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