China Travel Guide

One of the largest countries in Asia, China has an abundance of historical and urban sites that exemplify the richness of its culture. There are also many natural wonders that you can delve into and explore; the exotic foliage and animals draw tourists into the country annually.

Whilst you are enjoying your trip away, it is important that you remain safe within this environment that can be alien to your everyday living. There are a range of rules, regulations and ways of living that you should be aware of before and during your trip away.


You should try to avoid any extreme Chinese weather so that you can make the most of your time on holiday. In the southern and extreme northern areas you will find that the climate is tropical; the weather will be hot, humid and has the potential to rain.

The northern regions tend to have long cold winters and hardly any summer. This is completely different to the Hainan Island which has long glorious summers with no winters. In the southern districts and tundra zones, the temperatures can be low and rise to spring-like climates. Therefore these districts are ideal for any tourists who are used to more moderate temperatures.

Travel Safety in China

Whilst China is one of the safest places to travel to, there are a few precautions to consider whilst on holiday in order to avoid any disastrous surprises. Make sure you use the in-room safe or the security boxes at the front desk of your hotel; it is vital that you leave important belongings secured within your hotel to avoid being pick-pocketed.

When you are in a crowded area, or travelling through train stations and airports, make sure you always keep an eye on your possessions as petty theft is one of the most common crimes committed in China.

Chinese Cuisine

Over the eras, 56 ethnic minority groups have contributed to the Chinese recipes and dishes. The diverse mix of flavours, ingredients and cooking styles has made authentic Chinese cuisine rich and diverse. A great way to try regional cuisine is by visiting the food stalls that pop up in local night markets; here you can sample fresh local foods with Chinese locals. Traditional Chinese restaurants are also worth visiting as the dishes are presented in ways that excite the eye as well as the taste buds.

Famous Sites & Attractions

China has many cultural and historical spots that tourists flock to year upon year. The most popular attraction is the Great Wall of China; make sure you take walking boots, insect repellent and lots of water if you attempt to walk some of its length. The Terracotta Army of the Qin Dynasty is also famous for the full-size statues of Chinese Imperial soldiers that will remain standing to attention for eternity.

There are also an abundance of natural spots that have become famous amongst those who visit China. It is worth going to one of the Five Sacred Mountains; from the heights you can enjoy breathtaking views across lush greenery and hot springs. In order to discover the natural beauties that are close to your destination, make sure that you research your holiday area and find out about any sites that are close by.

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