Lake Sicily Italy

Want to learn more about lakes in Sicily, Italy? Read on for facts and info on beautiful lakes of Italy…

The country of Italy is blessed with a diverse natural topography that consists of mountains, coastal regions, Hot Springs and lakes. Sicily in particular is known for its amazing lakes which attract thousands of visitors all around the year.

Some of the most popular lakes in Sicily are mentioned below:

Lake Pozzillo

This particular lake is a massive water body located in the region of Regalbuto. Set amid a countryside environment, Lake Pozzillo is credited as being one of the largest artificial lakes in the entire European continent. The lake is surrounded by a man-made dam that regulates the water from the river Salso. The lake is situated at a suitable distance from the uproar of the city center and is surrounded by meadows and forests. As such this Sicilian Lake is regarded as being oasis for nature.

Tourists visiting the region are recommended to descend along the banks of this massive lake and enjoy the amazing natural setting. The lake is easily accessible from Regalbuto and Agria. At the location you will be able to view the dense growths of fragrant eucalypti which grows out of the water of the lake. A large variety of migratory and sedentary birds are also attracted by the surrounding vegetation of the lake, which makes it a great site for bird watching. The Airone Cinerini in particular is one of the most exotic birds that is found on location.

Lentini Lake

Legend has it that Lentini Lake was created by Ercole (perhaps more familiar by Hercules, his Greek name) and occupies a pristine spot at the southern edge of the plain of Catania. It falls between the municipalities of Carlentini on one side and Palagonia on the other. The surrounding region was an ancient Greek colony in Sicily with a rich historical past. The basin that stretches from the foreground of the lake has been rebuilt. Originally they were created by the lake Biviere. The lake stretches over an area that consists of a natural depression and is followed up by an extension that has recently been made into the northern mountains. You will also be able to spot diverse flora and fauna in the region, which attracts a variety of birds. Storks in particular are found in extremely large quantity. The sheer size of Lake Lentini has made it into a natural oasis which attracts thousands of visitors all through the year. The Italian authorities have also released a variety of water creatures into the lake which include eels, shrimp, mullet and tench. This serves to attract yet more birds to the region.

The Lentini region is also popular for its culinary traditions and tourists to the region have the opportunity to indulge in the fine cuisine of this locality. There are many restaurants offering local food. Particularly popular items from the region are the bread of Lentini and a variety of different cakes which are made using high quality ingredients found locally.

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