Maggiano’s Little Italy

Want to learn more about Maggiano’s Little Italy? Read on for facts and info on this unique chain of Italian restaurants…

Maggiano’s Little Italy, the name of the chain of restaurants is situated across the Americas. The restaurant is famous for its unique ambience which catches the essence of the Italian community life as well as a wide and varied range of authentic Italian dishes.

According to the owners of the restaurant their aim was to create a restaurant which provided the customers the place for recreation rather than just dine. This is what makes Maggiano’s Little Italy a popular option for family dinners and important get-togethers.

Family Style Dining

One of the things that sets this apart from others is the fact that they are very generous with regard to the portions of food that they deliver for each of the items. This is because when families come to dine at Little Italy they share their meals by a dome in their homes. Although everything is priced on a per person basis, you have the option to order family sized servings of a large gathering. This allows everyone to take a sample from the variety of dishes that you order.

Maitred’s at Maggiano’s Little Italy

The food is not the only thing special about Maggiano’s Little Italy. Rather, the restaurant is known for high standard of customer service which contributes to a more pleasurable experience. They have specially trained maitred’s who are always more than eager to receive you as soon as you walk into the restaurant.

Basically they act as goodwill ambassadors whose job is to welcome you and also to ensure that you have everything that you require making this an unforgettable event.

The restaurant has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, yet at the same time you will experience a bustle of energy. Unique fusion creates a very pleasurable ambiance which is further complemented by rich dark wood furnishings and soft lighting. The spirit of Italian-American culture is also accentuated with the help of traditional Italian-American artwork.

Menu at Maggiano’s Little Italy

Although the business is run by a separate group of individuals, it is the chefs that have played a fundamental role in the success of Little Italy. The restaurant has a policy to make use of the freshest of ingredients using only 100% authentic Italian recipes. The chefs who spearhead the cooking are not only professionally trained, but they also possess a passion for cooking – it adds to the charm and flavor of the food.

However, there are a number of things that make the food served at Little Italy different from conventional Italian restaurants. One of the most obvious differences is in the fact that Little Italy makes use of a lot more meat than is commonly found in Italian dishes. They are also renowned for the perfect texture of the pasta, which is one of the most important items in Italian recipes.

The great tasting food coupled with the unique ambience and the overly friendly people makes Maggiano’s Little Italy a place worth visiting with families and friends.

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