Suede Italian Shoes

Are you wondering why suede is the material of choice in most Italian shoes? Would you like to buy yourself a pair of suede Italian shoes and are wondering about how you can maintain Italian shoes made of this material? Then, read our informative and

Unlike mass production shoes which are often made from cheap, hard leather, Italian footwear is usually manufactured through the use of soft suede or even nu-buck  Although the material feels fantastic and is extremely comfortable even when you have to spend hours on your feet, you will find that taking care of suede Italian shoes can be quite a task. The softness of the material makes it susceptible to damage.

Unlike regular leather shoes which are sturdier, you will find that you will need to take extra care of your suede Italian shoes to keep them in good condition. When wearing shoes made from suede, you will need to ensure that you stay away from water and do not get your shoes stained. Since suede is considerably softer and does not have the sheen of regular leather, it does not let water and stains slide off it like regular footwear. This means that your shoes will bear the marks of all the puddles that you accidentally step into.

It can be quite challenging to get water and stains off of your suede Italian shoes, so the best way to take care of your expensive footwear is to take precautionary measures. For instance, there are several commercial sprays designed for suede shoes which protect the surface of the material from ungainly water stains making it impervious to moisture related damage.

Use the spray liberally on your shoes and wait for the liquid to dry on the surface before wearing your shoes. Once the spray dries, it will form a protective sheath on the surface of the material. As a matter of fact, because suede shoes are certainly not a pocket friendly acquisition, it would be best to use the spray on them as soon you purchase the footwear.

Another way to get stains off your suede Italian shoes is to use a commercially available product known as the suede eraser; this product is remarkably effective against stains that will give your shoes an unclean and sullen look. Use the eraser the way you would use a regular eraser on paper to clean pencil stains. However, depending on the color of your shoes, you may need to purchase a new suede eraser every time you want to clean your shoes. Alternatively, you could also use a soft wash cloth and a suede brush to clean the surface of the material. If you have mud stains on your shoes, the best way to clean them without smudging the mud all over is to use a suede brush.

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