White China Cabinets

White china cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To find out if white is the right choice of color for your china cabinet read on…

During the 1980s white lacquer finishes on contemporary pieces were very popular. Most of today’s white china cabinets don’t feature lacquer finishes, but painted surfaces with low luster top coats. They are available in every conceivable style from modern, to victorian to Queen Anne and add a nice accent in any room in the house. White includes shades of ivory, cream and antique white.

Antique China Cabinets

There are several methods for making new furniture look antique. Some pieces are treated with special varnishes that crack when applied to painted surfaces and a wash which settles into the cracks is applied. Other pieces may have distressed paint which is sanded down to give a worn look on the edges of the china cabinets. White china cabinets may also feature decorative decals or folk art painting to make them appear to be rustic or antique.

China Cabinet Arrangements

White china cabinets make a great background for fine chine that is dark colored or has intricate patterns since these pieces show well against a white background. China cabinets with mirrored backs really showcase the display, making it capture the eye while the cabinet becomes part of the surroundings. These china cabinets are also a great way to display silver or gold serving pieces like tea sets.

Matching White China Cabinets

For those with white dining furniture, it is only necessary to find a style of china cabinet that harmonizes with the existing dining set. Wood finishes, especially dark wood, may work better with ivory or cream antiqued finishes since the contrast is less stark. White china cabinets work very well in kitchens, especially those with country, rustic or white finishes. The most important part of matching white china cabinets into existing decorating schemes is to choose styles and finishes that harmonize with the room.

Do It Yourself White China Cabinets

For those who find great china cabinets at estate sales, thrift shops or used furniture stores, it is fairly simple to give the cabinets a white or antiqued finish. It is important to sand the existing finish and use a good quality primer before painting, or old stain might seep through the paint. Crackle varnishes are available at hardware, paint and home improvement stores and some stores offer instruction in faux finishes.

White china cabinets can add a touch of elegance or old fashioned charm to any room in the house and are a great way to add extra storage in kitchens, dining rooms and great rooms.

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