Holidays Lake Garda Italy

Want to learn more about holidays in Lake Garda, Italy? Read on for facts and info on Lake Garda and find out about the best places to stay in the region…

Italy is renowned for its beautiful lakeside towns that attract people from all over the world to experience their scenic beauty. One of the most popular lakeside destinations in all of Italy is Lake Grada. For centuries visitors to Italy have been charmed by this amazing lakeside town. Even the ancient Romans that once ruled over the country considered it to be a luxury summer destination. Along with the magnificent ambience of the lake tourists to the region have the opportunity to visit the ancient relics and mosaic artwork in Sirmione and Desenzano.

Lake Garda Description

The wondrous Lake Garda is situated in the north of central Italy. The location of the lake is adjacent to the region of Veneto, Lombardy and Alto-Adige. The lake is a massive water body which has a long and slim shape. It starts from the north and stretches towards the south. The southern part of the lakeshore is low and composed of rolling land. In recent years this place has been built up to cater to the influx of seasonal visitors to the region. The northern end on the other hand has a contrasting topography as it forms a dramatic Fjord like end. This part of the lake is also surrounded by mountains and cliffs that tower towards the sky. Visitors to Lake Garda can also benefit by its strategic location which places it close to a number of different tourist attractions in the surrounding territories. The surrounding attractions can be easily reached via the boat services that operate from Lake Garda.

Where to stay at Lake Garda?

A number of towns are situated around the lake and all of them are regarded as being very beautiful and pleasant places to stay during your trip. With so many options you might have trouble deciding which particular lakeside town to stay in. You might want to take into consideration the kind of activities that you want to be engaged in during your vacation trip as this will help you to select the right kind of accommodation. Visitors to this part of Italy usually travel around using one of the ferry services that are operated from the lake or by car on the roads that have been constructed around the edge. You will want to minimize the time spent traveling which is why you need to be very careful when selecting a location.

Sirmione is one of the most favored lakeside towns located at the southern shore of Lake Garda. This is a beautiful town that is at the end of a long promontory. The town is famous for its moated castle that goes by the name of Rocca Scaligera. The entire town is built according to ancient medieval tradition with narrow streets full of color and life. The region is particularly crowded during the summer season when travelers from around the world flock to the region.

Desenzano is another good destination which can turn out to be very practical to visit for tourists from Lake Garda. This is because of it is well-connected to other major regions that you might want to visit during your sojourn in Italy. It has a number of local attractions including historical relics and artwork that are definitely worth seeing during your trip to the region.

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