Old American Indian Baskets

Looking for authentic Old Indian Baskets? Read on to find out more about the profit and availability of an old Indian basket…

Native Indian crafts are popular all over the world especially old Indian baskets. The reason for this is that they were created using natural materials like honeysuckle, cane and blood root for the basic weaving and dyeing purposes. These baskets were simple in nature but highly functional and of great utility. As the opulence gives way to minimalism once again, man is once again searching for items created from natural sources and breathable materials. This in turn is known to enhance the environment and quality of energy in the house.

History of the Craft of Native Indian Basket Weaving

The art of weaving baskets is one of the most prized and well-known native Indian crafts. In fact the ancient Indian baskets from the South West had actually been dated by archaeologists to be over 1000 years old. Native Indians are known for different handmade items and basketry was a prized skill. The old Indian baskets were created and crafted only by women who took their inspiration from nature and the soul of the universe. They were set to transcend their soul and spirit into any art that utilized their hands in its creation. From forests to water bodies and mountains to animals anything good is used as an inspiration to create the shape and style of the basket. This makes each piece unique and if you look at old Indian baskets you will notice that none of them are replicas of the other. The reason for this is that there is no set pattern or design which each weaver follows.

Old Indian Basket Weaving Materials and Techniques

Old Indian baskets are still popular as collector’s items and each tribe had its unique weaving technique and use of material to create baskets for different functions. If it was utilized to store fish then it would be more mobile compared to the one kept in the kitchen to store produce. The shape of the basket was decided once its utility and function was finalized. If you look at the northeast Indian tribes and the baskets they created, you could always see the use of braided sweet grass as well as ash splints which were grounded slightly.

If you look at Southeast Indian baskets like the ones created by the Cherokee Indians then you can see River cane and honeysuckle or pine needles used to create the baskets. Apart from this sumac or willow wood was also used to create old Indian baskets. Birch bark was commonly utilized by the native Dene and Ojibwe tribes and the Inuits from the far north used whale baleen to create the baskets.

As the Indian tribes were displaced from their native location and lands the availability of raw materials changed drastically and this has led to an amalgamation of different materials from new neighbors and tribes. The old Indian baskets have not lost their charm but have been adapted to utilize the most easily available materials. Today the ancient and original Indian basket is highly coveted and can be found from collectors or patrons of the art who support native Indians in their creation of these unique pieces.

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