Traditional Italian Sports

Italians have a long and interesting tradition of locally originated sports as well as participation in widely recognized sports. Find out about the interesting aspects of traditional Italian sports.

Sports form a significant part of the Italian culture. The Italians have a long and remarkable sporting tradition that has brought the country much fame and fortune. More than the fame and fortune you will find the Italians to frenzy for the sports that they participate in. The sporting history of the country goes back many years from today. Over the years the country has taken part in various sports and made a significant impact on the sports that they have participated in. Sports are as much part of the Italian tradition as is food and the fever continues to spread like wildfire.

Amongst the many sports that are deeply embedded in the Italian culture is football. The Italians are not a new footballing nation. Rather their team was so good even in the 1930’s that it managed to win two successive world cups in 1934 and 1938. They are the reigning champions of the world even today so we can see how serious they are about their participation in the game. Football is very popular even amongst the general public. In terms of spectator participation the sport brings together friends and families across the nations.

The traditional sports of Italy

The Italians have a strong love for the football. This can be seen in the various foot ball related games that they seemed to have derived over the years. Amongst the most popular team ball games are sferistici which has been around since 1555. With the turn of centuries the games developed so many modalities such as Pallone col bracciale, pallapugno, palla elastica, pallapugno leggera and tamburello. These games are played on a regular basis in a national circuit with national and international tournaments taking place on a regular basis.

Another traditional Italian game is brocce which has always been extremely popular and the best way to pass time for the locals. The Italians also have a number of variations of cue sports that are played on a traditional billiard table. Five pins, nine pins, boccete and goriziana are amongst the most popular versions of the sport. The number of people that compete in the national circuit as well as the international tournaments is swelling and has reached up to 6,000,000 people. The country is also known to hold an annual athletic event by the name of Palio. People from every community participate in this event as it has immense importance in the traditional heritage. The palio di Siena is probably the most famous athletic event that takes place in the country.

Apart from these locally originated games there are other sports that have become part of the Italian culture. Auto racing is one of those sports that have become strongly embedded in the Italian culture. The Italians are known as the producers of some of the most extraordinary sports cars and drivers. Cycling, basketball, rugby, volleyball and a host of other winter and water sports are part of the historical sporting tradition of the country.

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