Italian Horn Charms

Do you consider yourself to be in the danger of being harmed by somebody jealous of you? How about protecting and safe guarding yourself? Think traditional as well as chic. Wear an Italian horn charm!!!

Italian horn charms have been here for a long, long time. Once considered to guard oneself from evil as well as bringing good luck, these days they have become more of a fashion and style statement. Wear it for any reason; they are a perfect piece of jewelry going with every kind of outfit. To know more about these charms, read on…

Evil Eye Superstition

In Italy and Europe as well, the evil eye superstition was given much importance. It was believed that jealousy alone could cause you harm. The evil eye was particularly influential against the fertility and sexual powers of both men and women, child bearing and nursing women, fruit producing trees and harvest producing fields as well as many milking animals. The ancient people went to great lengths to guard them selves against evils and to find good luck.

Italian Horns

One way the ancient people found to protect themselves was by wearing Italian horns. What were they?  Long before the arrival of Christianity in Italy and Europe, the Moon goddess was considered to be sacred and was shown great respect. Her horns were considered to be scared and were worn to come into her protection. With the passage of time, Christianity found way into Italy and Europe. The image of the moon goddess was replaced with the image of Virgin Mary who is still shown to be standing on a lunar crescent in many depictions. But the respect and use of Italian horns still remained the same. Some people even wear them along with the crucifix as double protection.

Italian Horns’ Materials

Italian horns were made in silver as silver was closely associated with the moon goddess and was regarded to be sacred as well. Natural corals were also used as horns and were worn for the same reasons.Nowadays, a large variety of Italian horn charms is available in different materials.Apart from silver and natural coral they are also easily found in gold, white gold, with gold trimmings, platinum and even diamonds. You can also choose between various sizes and choose a material according to your taste and style. Their prices vary considerably depending on their shapes, sizes and the materials used. You can always find one within your budget limitations.

Italian Horn Charms

One thing is for sure. By wearing an Italian horn charm, you make your own style statement and display that you are proud of your culture and tradition. The best thing is that these Italian horn charms are not limited to being pendants. You can easily find Italian horn charms in forms of earrings, bracelet accessories and brooches as well. You can buy individual pieces and can buy a set as well. You can even have the smaller versions for kids. They make an ideal choice for gifts as well. Talk about choice and variety!!!

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