Typical Italian Food

Want to know about the authentic dishes of Italy? Find out what food items are considered as typically Italian in our guide to real Italian cuisine.

You will be surprised to know that typical Italian food is actually a mixture derived from the influences of various cultures and civilizations. From the Romans to the Greeks, the Gallic, Slavic, Arab and Turkish cultures all have had a tremendous influence on the cuisine of the country. The cuisine that took its formal structure at the unification of Italy in 1861 is extremely diverse and delicious at the same time. Not only is Italian food the most popular kind of eating out food in the world it is also the most varied and rich cuisines that the world has ever been exposed to.

One of the reasons that the cuisine of Italy is so diverse is because of the varying typography of the country. Each region has a different set of products and ingredients that are available to them and which they use in order to make their food. For example the Northern areas of Italy are fond of using polenta, creams, butter and different kinds of cheeses like paraminiano and grana padano. The typical food that originates from the north includes lasagna which has become a world wide hit. Fresh egg pasta is a commonly found item from these areas. And of course the most famous rice dish of Italy known as risotto also originates from this area.

When you take a look at the cuisine of the south you find there to be a considerable amount of difference in the ingredients they use and the way that they cook. Hence the kinds of dishes originating from the region are also quite different to those found in the north. Most of the cooking in the south revolves around the use of tomatoes and olive oil. The use of mozzarella cheeses and Caciocavallo with dry pasta is also characteristic of southern style cooking. The coastal regions are famous for proscuitto, tortellini and ravioli.

The all time classics

Pizza happens to be the one of the most famous typical dishes of Italy. Naples is the region that is credited for the discovery of pizza although you will be able to find a great regional variance in the way this Italian delight is prepared. Then you have the million and one pasta dishes that are heavily consumed everyday in Italy. Pasta dishes are mainly consumed as starters along with polenta and risotto in some areas. The northern areas prefer soft egg noodles whereas the south is into hard boiled spaghetti. You will even find considerable difference in the size of the pasta that is consumed in the various regions.

Tortellini is another typical Italian food item that originates from Bologna. Other commonly consumed items include the Gremolata which is a Fish soup much loved in the country. Chicken lovers adore the Chicken Scarpariello which is a tangy dish prepared in lemon sauce. The chicken Marsala is also another typical Italian dish consumed on a regular basis. With the vastness of the Italian lands and the variance in their cuisine it is difficult to classify all the typical Italian food items at once.

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