White Italian Shoes

Have you just bought yourself a pair of white Italian shoes and are trying to figure out the outfit that you could pair it with? Read our informative and practical guide…

People often incorrectly assume that white Italian shoes have to be reserved for weddings. Actually, a pair of well made Italian shoes in white or any other light shade can work very well at an assortment of formal events with a variety of outfits.

On the other hand, nothing looks quite as good as white Italian shoes with a short wedding dress. So, if you intend to shift from the protocol of the floor length wedding gown, here are some special ideas for you.

While a long gown style wedding dress is the traditional outfit for your big day, a lot of brides are choosing shorter outfits which are not as expensive and above all they can easily be worn for formal events even after the wedding. So, your wedding gown does not necessarily have to be an outfit that you spend thousands for just to lock it away in the back of your closet till your daughter considers donning it on her big day. While it is also common for some brides to choose a short white dress for the reception party that they change into after the wedding ceremony proper.

Chances are that you may have already bought yourself a pair of white shoes that go well with your long wedding gown. However, you need to ensure that you do not wear the same shoes with the short dress; you will simply not be able to create the look with it. The long dress calls for a pair of classic white Italian footwear; perhaps embellished with crystals etc to match the wedding gown. On the other hand, the short dress will need to be coupled with something that is equally flirty and sexy.

If you are looking for fun white Italian shoes to go with your white bridal knee length dress; few designs will work as well as the classy strappy sandals. They are fun, they are fresh and they look utterly fabulous. The best part is that you can use these shoes long after the wedding. Throw them in with a dark colored outfit or even a humble pair of jeans to enhance the style quotient of your dress.

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