Crescent City Del Norte California

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Crescent City has a beautiful natural feel to it. Located right on the Pacific Ocean it has the waters of the scenic and wild rivers flowing through it, which drain into the Pacific Ocean. Hundreds of feet of ancient redwood forests grow high and try to touch the sky. It is the place you can make a home in an unspoiled natural habitat with amazing wildlife. You have amazing natural wonders like the redwood parks which have been preserved.

The Amazing Activities in Del Norte County Crescent City California United States

Activities to be enjoyed in Del Norte County Crescent City, California are surfing in the Pacific Ocean, kayaking and rafting in the rivers, and fishing for anglers. There are many RV parks and redwood forests which offer the perfect opportunity for soft adventures and camping opportunities. You can have bird watching forays and plan your own itinerary when you visit this location.

Depending on the type of activity level you can go for high adventures or moderate adventures in the redwood forests. There is a beautiful ecosystem that has been preserved by man but created by God in this area.

Natural Wonders in Crescent City Del Norte County California United States

This amazing location is really a tribute to the super trees that have survived the ravages of time. There are more than 1800 miles of history and legend surrounding this region with different wood forests. This stretches all the way up to the coast line of Southern Oregon. You can find the thinned forests, some erosion choked rivers and Jews the hillside.

However, there are thriving privately owned forests that have been managed well and offer a healthy ecosystem making them profitable. Between timber loggers and nature conservationists, there is a constant tussle to make sustainable ways and preserve both the economic interest and natural environment.

America’s prettiest town is known as Crescent City, and Del Norte County has most of its houses with their back to the magnificent mountains. The real estate in this region allows you to find many opportunities to buy homes in a perfect plot of land that is located in the middle of nature.

Del Norte County in Crescent City – America’s Prettiest Area

The amazing redwood groves along with the un-spoilt beach front and the historic harbor place Crescent City on top of the prettiest towns in US list. Its architectural photographers, travel writers or painters, each capture charm and beauty in this area. The amalgamation of picturesque architecture with history and a quaint downtown settled amongst borders of style and natural wonders make it a beautiful place.

The iconic silhouette of the Battery Point Lighthouse constructed by man is like a beacon in the endless sea of magnificent redwoods which engulf the exterior of the city. The small-town charm converges beautifully with the magnificence of nature.

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