White Italian Suits

Of all the different kinds of Italian suits the white ivory suit seems to be the most eye-catching. Find out more about the white Italian suit and how it got famous in our complete information guide.

No other kind of suit can offer a man what an Italian suit can. Why is that you may ask? Well it’s because Italian suits are stitched in such a way that they amplify the physical appearance of the individual. These are the only kinds of suits that are specifically tailored to make the body look its best. Not all of us have the perfect linear body nor are all of us the optimum height. Italian suits however seek to hide these flaws that may be present in a man and can make the person look smarter, thinner and taller than he actually is. This is why Italian suits have become the most favored kind of men’s attire by the majority of men who have got the style sense. Italian suits are available in a wide variety of colors. Although you will find black to be the most popular color when it comes to suits, ivory white is the trade mark color for Italian suits.

Not everybody will be comfortable wearing a white Italian suit that’s for sure. This is because with a white suit on you are bound to attract extra attention because it will make you stand out from a crowd. Coupled with first class Italian tailoring with their unique cuts and custom made finish the wearer looks like the cloth was put on him and then stitched. What we mean when we say that is the fact that Italian suits fit over the body as if they a part of the man. The white Italian suit is for the person who is daring enough and has the kind of personality that will enable him to carry it off. Not all people have the kind of personality that can carry off the white ivory suit. So you’ve got to know yourself before you go for one.

Is the white Italian suit for you?

The basic thing that determines whether you are the kind of person to carry off the white Italian suit is your love for it. If you have this special kind of love for the Italian ivory suit then you are bound to be able to carry it off. On the other hand if you are unsure then it is better to go for another color if you are not in the mood for some experimentation. It is true that white Italian suits were once the trademark attire of Italian dons who sought to make themselves look elegantly different from the rest of the public. With time however people have changed their perception towards white Italian suits and they are now considered as a symbol of class.

The television media has also played a great role in the popularity of white Italian suits. The television has the power to show a negative character of society as someone worth idolizing. Hence with movies like The God Father and Scar face the Italian don style started catching on the public. You will have to work hard to keep your white Italian suit clean because any little spot on this clean attire is visible even from a distance.

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