Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

Discover the unique features that make the crimson queen Japanese maple one of the most unique specimens in the category of Japanese maples.

Japanese Maples are amongst the most beautiful trees that are used to create the most sophisticated of landscapes. Known as the Acer Palmatum in botanical terms the Japanese maple tree is considered to be a small tree amongst other giants in terms of its size. In terms of its aesthetic magnificence however this little wonder outstrips many of its larger cousins in the tree kingdom.

The Crimson Queen Japanese maple is one amongst the many varieties of maple trees used in abundant quantity in the gardening tradition of Japan. This particular version of the Japanese maple is by far the most ornamental variation that often serves the purpose of being a show stopper in a Japanese garden.

The Crimson Queen can be used in many interesting ways inside a Japanese garden. From being strategically positioned so as to serve as the focal point of the entire garden the Crimson Queen can be grown in bonsai form that requires detailed observation.

The nature of the Crimson Queen Japanese maple tree is such that it has a relatively slow growth rate as compared with other varieties. This is one of the reasons why it is commonly used as a container plant. The small size of the Crimson Queen has earned it the qualification of being a shrub.

The tree allows plenty of room for improvisational pruning. You can go down pruning to a single stem. If you have the creative juice in you and a little bit of experience with pruning sheers then you can make the Crimson Queen Japanese maple take any form you like. The top can reach up to fifteen feet whereas it can spread over an area of twenty feet on the horizon.

The Crimson Queen Japanese maple is available in the red variety as well. This version is usually pruned in a manner so as to resemble a dome. The branches are allowed to hang low almost touching the surface of the ground. This allows for the Red Crimson Japanese maple to be planted as informal hedges or in groups.

Professional Japanese gardening enthusiasts consider the Crimson Queen to be a special tree that deserves special attention. They would much rather place the Crimson Queen as a solo specimen and that too in the front yard. This is because to them the Crimson Queen deserves to be the focal point and the strategic placement of the tree allows for it to be admired by visitors.

The fact that the red version of the Crimson Queen does not grow to such a great height makes it an ideal tree to use in the front yard. This is because it will add to the beauty of the garden without blocking the view. The rich crimson leaves are loved for their colour retaining properties which remain bright red throughout the summer season.

Like all other maple trees the Crimson Queen requires constant care and upkeep. Ideally they should be planted in a semi shady spot although the tree is known to be quite resilient to the direct heat of the sun. Rich and well drained soil with a constant and healthy supply of water is the basic requirement of the Crimson Queen Japanese maple tree.

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