Austria Magna

Magna is a name associated with the manufacturing of cars as well as football in Austria. Find out why these two important aspects of the economy are tagged with the name Magna.

Austria has developed to become on of the leading countries of Europe. It has a decent infrastructure that encourages people to invest in the country and the standard of living is generally high. Amongst the many industrial corporations that have managed to have an impact on Austria’s economy is Magna. The main activities associated with Magna are football and a car plant.

Magna motors

Many people will be amazed to know that some of the world’s best engines are made by Magna Steyr. This includes the top class pleasure drive engines of BMW. It is only the people who are aware of the inner workings of the automobile industry that are aware of the high quality productions of Magna Steyr.

This power house in Steyr is actually a full time service engineering as well as manufacturing firm. It is involved in a number of important activities ranging from developing and manufacturing all sorts of things associated with automobiles as well as space propulsion systems. Amongst there prominent projects are the production of the X3 vehicle by BMW.

The unique thing about Magna is that it is an Austrian firm involved in producing vital car parts for non-Austrian car manufacturers. They have a number of vehicle assembly plants. They are based in Austria but have manufacturing plants in France as well as the U.S.A.

The credibility of Magna Steyr can be judged by the fact that a world renowned company like BMW trusts them for the production of their most reliable vehicle; the X3. Magna is further involved in the production of BMW’s 3 series, the MINI, Mercedes SLK, CLK, Audi’s A4, Mazda’s 3 and the Mitsubishi Space Star.

Magna takes over Vienna Football

Prior to the change of name the Austrian football club now known as Austria Magna used to be known as Austria Vienna. This is the football club that won the 2005/6 Austrian Bundesliga. It was in 1999 that the club was taken over by the Magna concern billionaire Frank Stronarch. This was a time period during which the team had not won a title is quite some time. The rich man decided to take over the team and transform it into a winning unit.

He began to invest large amounts of money in to the team and some of the top players were added to the list of players. Frank was determined in making a success out of the lot. For this purpose he invested almost thrice as much in the Magna league as compared to the investment being made in other leagues.

The Austrians are not particularly flashy footballers. Much like their car plants they have a highly tenacious style of playing and rarely seek to attempt fancy moves, but prefer to rely on science and reliability.

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