Japanese Anime Hairstyles

Find out how hairstylists are drawing inspiration from Japanese cartoons and video games to come up with Japanese anime hairstyles.

In today’s animated times everything seems to be no holds barred. The Cultural Revolution being experienced by Japan has impacted the way of life of its people in such a manner and in so many aspects that it is difficult to account for. One of the weirdest elements that the East meets the West phenomenon has given birth to are the hairstyling trends.

Today Japan is recognized as an economic powerhouse with expertise in electronics and technology based productions. One of the things that the Japanese are famous for are their animated cartoons and games. There is a serious cult following of Japanese animations on a global scale. This love for Japanese animations has now shifted towards fashion as the concept of Japanese anime hairstyles has hit the streets.

Traditionally Japan has had its own way of dealing with hair. The trademark Japanese hair cut revolved around bangs with a portion of the face being covered with the hair. The partial covering of the face with straightened, slickened or layered hair was a must for the mysterious Japanese look.

The Age of Animation Fashion

In recent years however the Japanese hairstylists have shifted their attention to another direction. Seeing the impact that Japanese animations and video games are having on the lives of the people of Japan in particular and the world wide gaming community in general the Japanese hairstylists have taken to these sources as a means of drawing inspiration from them.

So what do we have now? We now have a fashion that makes you want to look like a cartoon. You actually feel that way when the anime hairstylist starts to work on your hair but wait till the end and you will be surprised with the results that are possible. Surprisingly the hairstyles sported by some of the most famous animated cartoons look great on real people as well.

Generally speaking, when you talk about anime hairstyles what comes to mind is those crazy exaggerated hair do’s that most of the video game characters tend to have. However the anime hairstyles that are practiced on real people are the ones that take on a more realistic form and are feasible to create.

A classic example of anime hair do’s inspired by some of the most popular video game characters are those based upon the hairstyles of Rinoa and Yuna. Both these characters have distinct hairstyles that can be translated into the real world.

Take Rinoa’s anime hairstyle for example. It is a medium length hair cut that is layered and has bangs covering a portion of the front of the forehead. The hair at the bottom is given a slight curve inwards which is unorthodox of the outward curls. This look can easily be translated on to a real live human being.

In contrast to Rinoa’s anime hairstyle Yuna sports a short Japanese hairstyle which is layered from all around with an addition of colour. Although this particular anime hairstyle bears likeness to the traditional Japanese hair cut it has that cartoonish edge and is rather easy to accomplish.

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