Best Machu Picchu Tours

Choosing the best Machu Picchu tours primarily depends on travel options, such as trekking on the ancient path or arriving by train, apart from hotel options, tour duration, and so on. Read our guide for more facts and information…

There are several tour options for those who aspire to visit the magical city of Machu Picchu and discover the inexpressible beauty and energy of the hidden citadel on the majestic Andes Mountains. You can choose from cheap tours, all-inclusive tours, semi-independent tours, traditional tours, luxury tours, etc. based on your budget and preference.

Machu Picchu tour options

Several agencies in Cusco offer day tours to the famous city. They pick up visitors from their hotels in the morning and drop them at the San Pedro train station, where they take the train to AguasCalientes, the mountain town that connects Machu Picchu. From this town, they take you to Machu Picchu on a shuttle-bus. Organizers provide English-speaking guides, who take you through the ruins and explain the history and significance of each part. Guests return to their Cusco hotel by evening.

You may choose to hike on the Inca trail or other routes if you plan to explore more of the Andes, the Urubamba River, the diverse wildlife and numerous Inca ruins over the few days of your trek. In that case, you will have to book with an official travel agency, which will pick you at your hotel and guide you to the appropriate trail mark. The agency will give you a list of items that you need to take along and also provide camping equipment.

Cheap Machu Picchu tours

Those who are looking for cheaper tours can opt for day tours from Cusco or take the standard 4-day trek, the most economical hiking option on the Inca Trail. The least expensive train ride from Cusco would be the Backpacker, which takes you to AguasCalientes. If a one-day exploration of the site is not enough, you can stay at a hotel in AguasCalientes to pursue your exploration.

Luxury Machu Picchu tours

Luxury tours include meals, luxury accommodations, assistance upon arrival at Cusco, transportation and multi-lingual guides. Trekkers will be provided with luxury camping accommodations with comfortable sleeping bags, huge tents and superior-grade hiking gear. Some tours even provide portable showers and toilets. The 4-day trek offers premium services at higher prices.

Luxury travelers can board the Hiram Bingham train, the most luxurious train ride from Poroy to Machu Picchu. Poroy is at a twenty minute-drive from Cusco. The train service provides sumptuous meals with local delights and entertainment. Guides enlighten the passengers on the interesting facts about the locations they will be visiting.

You can choose to stay in the luxurious Sanctuary Hotel, the only hotel adjacent to the site of Machu Picchu. Hikers may choose the Salkantay Route, a seven-day trek, and stay in affluent lodges on their way.

Private tours provide the luxury of hiring guides, who give personal attention to your group. Several tours provide helicopter rides over the Andes Mountains for spectacular views of the ancient structures from above.

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