Japanese Fashion Brands

Interested in the big fashion houses of Japan? Find out about who’s hot and who’s not when it comes to Japanese fashion brands in the 21st century.

The fashion scene has exploded in Japan in recent years. Fuelled by the influence of the silver screen the young and old all alike are far more style conscious than they have even been before. But naturally the rise in demand for branded and fashionable clothes has given rise to a fashion industry that thrives on the desires of people trying to get in with the fashion.

You will be able to find a diverse range of styles and fashions across the country. Amongst the many different styles that are on heat in current times is urban and hip hop clothing. There are many new Japanese fashion brands emerging based on this certain style of dressing. Amongst the major players in the domain is an urban hip hop designer brand by the name of A Bathing Ape.

The company that was initially formed in 1993 has now diversified its business and even runs a beauty salon, record store and a coffee shop. The company takes its name from the classic silver screen flick planet of the apes. There is an old Japanese proverb that goes like “a bathing ape in lukewarm water”. This proverb refers to someone being spoilt.

The brand achieved world wide acclaim when some of the leading Japanese pop artists sported the brand on stage. A Bathing Ape specializes in the production of T-shirts which are their hottest selling items. Other than that the company is also involved in the production of footwear and hoards of other fashion items.

Amongst the Japanese fashion brands that have managed to make it big is a company that started off with just two people back in 1989 by the name of As Know As now. Today this company that specializes in the production of elegant casual women’s wear has retail outlets all over Japan as well as in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan.

A relatively newly founded Japanese fashion brand specializing in the production of cool urban men’s and women’s wear is Ato. The company is renowned for its modernistic and stylish menswear. In some ways Ato’s clothing lines are reminiscent of Dior Homme and other European menswear brands. The company’s designs are considered to be rather conservative as compared with other Japanese fashion brands.

When it comes to Lolita fashion there is probably no Japanese fashion brand that stands parallel to The Stars Shine Bright in terms of popularity. The company that began producing their clothing line in 1988 has developed the nick name of Baby over time. Inspired by the British band Everything But the Girl the brand’s main focus is the Sweet Lolita style.

Renowned fashion designer Takao Yamahita is responsible for the inception of the super cool urban fashion brand Beauty: Beast. The brand began to attract mass attraction by the year 2002 and people all over the country could be seen wearing the brand. The company produces everything from t-shirts to bags and wedding dresses to shows.

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