Japanese Garden Lights

Looking to buy a set of Japanese garden lights? Need ideas on how bring more beauty and luxury to your garden? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Wooden Japanese Lights

Japanese style gardening has become popular in many countries since it still retains the traditional form over the centuries. The Japanese believed that having a well-lit house and garden can provide tranquillity in everyone’s mind and body through the relaxing ambiance the lights create. These Japanese garden lights come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular would be the wooden louvered lights. These have four panels on its sides for the light to emerge and a small hole at its top for the smoke to flow from the wax candle inside. It has a front door to put the candle inside and a glass tube which prevents the candle from being blown out by the wind. The flickering light from the candle as the wind passes by creates a different ambiance around the garden. Some lights include handles and a hook to be placed on trees or poles around the garden for a more stable light source. These could be left all year round though they should be maintained at least once a year by cleaning its components for them to last long.

Stone Lanterns

Stone lanterns are also an example of Japanese garden lights, which are considered to be the most popular and oldest among the various kinds. These bring out the conventional look in one’s garden, and especially once they are lit during the night. Also, these are preferred by designers due to their durability, being made from granite and other natural resources. A distinct look is achieved when stone lanterns are placed around the pathway to guide the people walking during the night. They last long throughout different weather conditions and manage to maintain their beauty through time. Though it is not easy for granite lanterns to be installed due to their weight, the beauty of a trail of lanterns and the serenity it would bring is priceless. Pedestal lanterns, buried lanterns, small set lanterns and snow viewing lanterns are some of the types of stone lanterns to choose from.

Beauty of Lanterns

Japanese garden lights in the form of lanterns play a big role in gardens, especially when lit during the night. Lanterns typically do not release lights in such an excessive manner that it could light up the whole garden. Instead, they only emit a lesser amount of light in a dim manner, sustaining its softness for every individual to be more pleased about the garden at night. It adds to the picturesque splendor of the garden when being visited at its most lovely state, when everyone needs a little more time to rest and focus on the happy thoughts in life.

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