Mexican Outdoor Garden Decor

Mexican outdoor garden décor is a relatively inexpensive way to give your garden a distinctive, rustic appeal that will make your outdoor area a joy to entertain in. Read our guide for more facts & information…

No Mexican themed outdoor area would be complete without a selection of hand crafted Mexican pots. They not only look stunning, but also help to organize the garden space, from large, sprawling gardens to small tiled terraces. Mexican pots typically have a bulbous bottom, with a short to medium length neck. Wrought iron pot stands are also popular for this type of pot. Wall pots are also distinctly Mexican. These are half pots that can be mounted on the wall, and are often decorated in the intricate Talavera style.

Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture should reflect some of the convenience and robustness of the indoors, whilst also effortlessly blending with the natural outdoors. Mexican outdoor decor comes in a range of styles. The rustic wood look is perfect for larger scale outdoor entertaining, especially big, robust tables, and long benches. It also looks great even when it’s slightly worn or weathered. In fact, some might argue that it looks better this way! Mexican wood furniture is often also characterized by wrought iron fixtures, such as nails, and details such as corners and legs. Equipale is another style of outdoor furniture that is very Mexican, and features leather upholstery with cedar strip weave for a barrel shaped stand. The leather itself is traditionally a burnt sienna color pigskin, and can also be dyed bright blues and teals, or hand-painted with traditional Mexican motifs. Most equipale furniture is lounge type furniture such as armchairs, 2 seater lounges and footstools. It can also be used to create larger pieces as well, such as longer benches, and outdoor bars. Lastly, one of the most popular outdoor furnishing styles is wrought iron.  Whilst most “wrought iron” furniture is technically not true wrought iron but a modern alloy, the design features remain classic and timeless. The curves and patterns harmonize beautifully with natural lines and curves found in nature, and the rough, rustic black finish matches perfectly with wood grain. The modern steel alloys are also great for durability in the weather. Wrought iron furniture can also feature mosaic artwork on surfaces such as tabletops and seats.


Mexican themed accents and accessories will arguably be the most important final touch to your outdoor garden space. Because most ceramics and furnishings are hand made in Mexico, the imagination is the limit when it comes to accents and accessories. As a general break-down, outdoor decorations can include wall hangings, tiles, novelty pots and figurines that have a distinct Mexican theme to them. Often, wall hangings will be rather large and round ceramic pieces, with a sun motif, or a flower motif that is a colorful standout feature. Mosaics are also popular, as are wrought iron wall hangings. Tiles that are hand painted or glazed in single, earthy colors look gorgeous as small pottery stands, outdoor table centerpieces and as floor coverings for undercover areas. Novelty pots include those that are fashioned to look like figurines, with openings for smaller plants. Often, novelty pots and figurines will be in the shape of small animals that look right at home in the garden environment, such as frogs, ducks and fish. Chiminea also look fantastic in the Mexican outdoors, and will ensure that your outdoor entertaining stays warm even at night.

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