Japanese Garden Pagodas

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A pagoda is a temple which originated in Buddhist Asia and is a popular structural design in eastern countries like China, Japan and Thailand. It is made up of a slim tower with various floors wherein every floor has its own roof. The roof at the base of the tower is usually the largest and the topmost roof is the smallest. Every pagoda has a unique roof design with a pole of numerous gold discs at the top. It is considered as a monument or temple with a small functional space inside. Oftentimes, pagodas are built in close proximity to Buddhist temples for religious purposes.

Garden Pagoda Statues

One of the famous Japanese structures is a pagoda, which is not just found as a temple but also as a famous ornament in a traditional Japanese garden. It is more recommended for large gardens since pagodas have an amazing symmetry which stand up to five feet tall with three to five stories, depending on the design. Its height guides the viewers’ eyes up into the heavens. Just like a real pagoda, it also functions as a religious item within a Japanese garden. Even though it serves primarily as a decoration, it still has not lost its original significance. Life, earth, water and sky are some of the elements it represents. Some have a lotus flower on top to symbolize Buddha. Of course they only carry this meaning if you choose to think of them that way.

Granite Pagodas

Japanese garden pagodas found in gardens are made from granite or basalt, which are frequently placed at the main point of the garden or near a koi pond. Most stone pagodas in gardens have their roof covered with moss for a more natural pagoda look. So, it’s better not to clean the roof if you notice moss growing on top of it, as it adds an accent to your stone pagoda, making your garden more traditional looking. It is pleasant to the eyes to see a tall pagoda in a Japanese garden, since it is said to bring good luck to its surroundings.

Do-It-Yourself Pagoda

Traditional looking Japanese garden pagodas are often sold expensively in the market. However, there are some replicas which can be bought at a lower price. If you think replicas are still expensive, you can also try to make your own and design the temple the way you want it to be. You could save more by doing it on your own and learn to explore different design ideas too. Personalized Japanese pagodas will add more uniqueness to your garden as well as beauty for people who will come to pay you a visit.

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